Core i7 overclocked to 7GHz, breaks SuperPi records


Core i7 overclocked to 7GHz, breaks SuperPi records 5

Andre Yang, the overclocker famed for breaking AMD’s own overclocking  record, has struck again, this time overclocking a core i7- 3770K to an insane 7.013GHz (62 x 113MHz) at the ASUS Republic Of Gamers camp in Berlin.

The overclock was done on an ASUS ROG Maximus V Extreme and using  liquid Nitrogen (DIY gamers beware: do not try this at home). 

Core i7 overclocked to 7GHz, breaks SuperPi records 6
The SuperPi benchmark and CPU-Z screenshots of the system, running Windows XP. SuperPi is a program that calculates values of Pi through repeated iterations and records the time taken to calculate: this makes it ideal for number-crunching measuring the performance of a CPU. Click to view the full image.


The overclocked chip reportedly ran stable throughout the 4+ minute SuperPi benchmark, setting a new world record for SuperPi 32 NM. An interesting point is Andre’s usage of ASUS boards: his previous breakthrough, the AMD Bulldozer overclock, was done on an ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard. It’s actually a pretty impressive overclocking achievement for both Andre Yang and ASUS. Though this isn’t the first time he’s overclocked something, and it’s definitely not the highest Ghz count he’s pushed, either. If you’re interested in seeing silicon pushed to it’s limits, here’s everything covering Andre’s ASUS-based overclocks. 




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