Keeping Cyclists Safe With The Cosmo Smart Brake Light


If you’re like my colleague Lahiru who simply loathes the morning commute to work, and would rather travel around on a bicycle, then this would definitely interest you.

If you’re a cyclist, the main problem of traveling around on the roads in Sri Lanka is that there is lack of cyclist lanes. That being said, while there are certain roads that have them, you still run the risk of not being seen, especially at night or in city traffic situations.

Meet Cosmo Smart Brake Light

Developed by Cosmo Connected, a French startup, the Cosmo Smart Brake Light is what the name implies. The device can be attached to the back of your helmet by means of a magnet.

Cosmo Smart Brake Light
Image Credits: The Verge

Weighing in at around 80g, the Cosmo Smart Brake Light packs eight high powered LED lights. They are divided into 2 with 4 red LEDs and 4 yellow LEDs. The key feature here is that these lights can even be seen from the side so even if you’re cycling alongside a vehicle, they would still be able to see you.

What’s so smart about the Cosmo Smart Brake Light?

Here’s where things get interesting. The Cosmo Smart Brake Light features notifications such as smart turn signals ana deceleration notification akin to a brake light on a vehicle. In addition, the Cosmo Bike also includes a “fall detector”. This will automatically send an alert to predefined friends/family.

When setting up the Cosmo Smart Brake Light , users will have the option to subscribe to a service that will automatically notify emergency services if an accident occurs, regardless of the situation

Cosmo Smart Brake Light
The Cosmo Connected is aimed for Motorcycle users

With regard to the smart turn signals, this is carried out in numerous ways. You can activate it automatically through a route you predefine in the app, making use of satellite navigation. You can enter the location manually via Cosmo Connected’s mobile app. Lastly, you can enter the location via an optional remote control that can be attached to the handlebar. The company claims Cosmo Smart Brake Light can also detect falls through a bevy of sensors linked to the app, which can alert friends and family of accidents.

The Cosmo Smart Brake Light is similar to what Cosmo already has, called the Cosmo Connected. This is originally launched on Kickstarter aimed at those using motorbikes. While successful, there were some complaints regarding the original Cosmo Connected device where users complained that the deceleration light was too sensitive and issues with head movement.

Sri Lanka has a smart helmet as well

If you recall, Sri Lanka too made its mark with a smart helmet. Thanks to the hard work of Ganindu Nanayakkara, we witnessed iHelmet in action. Developed in 2015, iHelmet was in the works from 2013 as a device designed to be used by the Military.

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The Cosmo Bike will retail for around USD $60 and will be available towards September 2018. If you’re a person who spends a lot of time traveling via a bicycle, this could be a good investment to ensure your safety along your journeys. You can check out the Kickstarter page for the Cosmo Smart Brake Light here.

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