A new Creed, Doom, Dragon Age and more: the best of #E32014


The biggest event as far as gamers are concerned – the Electronic Entertainment Expo (known to all as ‘E3’) kicked off on a tri-day schedule on June 10th. Needless to say, we had both eyes focused on E3 this year to witness what the eighth-generation of consoles and the so-called “next-gen of gaming” is capable of. And we were not disappointed. We’ve seen some epic threats to our wallets. These epic new games had us instantly sold – and some of us came away wearing to upgrade our PCs just to play these awesome titles.

(WARNING: The following content may cause extreme enthusiasm. Proceed with caution.)

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

What with the success of Black Flag, AC: Unity blew us away with it’s teaser depiction of  Paris and 1793 France in the midst pf a revolution. The stunning points of Unity are in its expanded gameplay and massive world design – debuting a seamless world has you moving in an out of a city like never before, with thousands of AIs interacting with your actions. Another huge highlight was the new co-op mode playable up to 4 players at a time. What better way to assassinate a troublemaker than to tactically tackle the environment with friends?

Far Cry 4

Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry is so epic, we don’t even have words to explain it. It’s inspired heavily by the Himalayan regions. It even has tuk-tuks. Repeat: it has tuk-tuks.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt is of the most anticipated titles for 2015 and the finale of CDPROJEKT RED’s legendary series. The Witcher is known to be one of those titles which balance gameplay, graphics and a fantastically deep storyline. There is no doubt that many fans would already have named Wild Hunt as a contender for the best of 2015.

Rainbow Six: Siege

This goes out to all the fans who complained Ubisoft for killing a franchise they loved. Tom Clancy’s return to their precious Rainbow Six series displays the classical Team Rainbow taking on heart-pounding hostage mission. From spying before landing till the escape, Siege merges brilliant tactical gameplay with destructible environments and epic co-op.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady Studios under the mask of Batman has been very successful with their Arkham series and no fan would complain about it. Arkham Knight is planned to be the series finale for 2015. We find Rocksteady focusing their whole attention on a vehicle. Not just any vehicle, the ‘Batmobile”. Is it worth all the hype? We have experienced the Batman in Arkham for three games, and Rocksteady is pushing its luck here by giving the spotlight to a vehicle at the biggest gaming event rather than focusing its gameplay features. But honestly, we wouldn’t have doubts about Arkham Knight. One – it’s by Rocksteady and two – its BATMAN!

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition

Bioware is back! Inquisition takes that Dragon Age foundation even further with a vast environment which by all accounts seems truly spectacular to explore. The gameplay premiered at E3 shows EA taking Inquisition into a fellowship affair rather than to make it a solitary quest. A gorgeous world, a storyline that will knock you off your feet, tactical gameplay and possibly dragons – what more could you ask?

Rise of Tomb Raider

The reboot of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider proved itself as something the fans have been wanting for a long time. We saw a fragile girl turn into an adventurer very clearly in-detail. Now we are promised to see that adventurer become a raider. “A girl of your age should be exploring new horizons” says the councilor ( I believe this is more of ansubtle message delivered to the fans). We have very, very high hopes for this.


An E3 wouldn’t be the same without a groundbreaking announcement from Bethesda, and here it is for 2014: iD’s back with Doom. To say we’ve been waiting for this is an understatement. This game has suffered poor management, years in development, the loss of John Carmack, a takeover – and now the wait is over; it’s time again to take the deadliest of bazookas and guns to have a gory fiesta. Got hit by that nostalgia train already? Then await more news from the full reveal at Quakecon.

These weren’t all, but let’s keep things real: tons more games came out, and there’s only so much you can write about at a time. From all the trailers we saw for the past 2 days, Ubisoft is on on a killing-spree. Te next-gen is here and that means it’s time for us to upgrade our rigs. Join us on Friday for a complete drop on all that was cool and holy. Cheers!


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