CSN heading over into eSports coverage?


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eSports (or “those video games” as our parents call them) are a sadly ignored part of Sri Lanka. Gamers know of the mega-events, clan matches and LAN parties that pop up like crop circles once every year. Outside of that, it’s very limited awareness. This is in sharp contrast to countries like the US, Europe and Korea, where literally tens of thousands flock to spectate brutal matches of wit and skill between gaming clan – with just as much passion and drama as any other physical sport.

Enter Carlton Sports Network, which is apparently starting to provide actual eSports coverage in Sri Lanka (by the way, CSN, it’s “eSports”, not E-“Sports”). That’s a brilliant plus for Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan players compete professionally – not just among themselves, but on a global level – and more public awareness is only going to make things better.

The eSports coverage is apparently being carried out in collaboration with TechMorph (one of Sri Lanka’s largest competitive gaming clans); Armageddon (a maker of gaming gear of Singaporean origin) and Techtools Integrators (distributors of Armageddon products).
There doesn’t seem to be much information on the CSN official website – head over to their Facebook fan page for times and schedules.



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