Cutting Edge 2017: Creating A Smarter Tomorrow


Organized by the Informatics Institute of Technology, Cutting Edge is the Institutes’s premier exhibition showcasing the talent of the students with regard to IT. Held on the 29 and 30th of June 2017 at the Bandaranayaka Memorial International Conference Hall, Cutting Edge 2017 revolved around the theme of IoT and Smart Devices.

Cutting Edge 2017
Image Credits: Raveen Wijetilleke

Day One of Cutting Edge 2017

Beginning at 9AM on the 30th, students from IIT were each given a stall to present their ideas and projects to those interested. The exhibition was open to the public with no entrance fee. After the traditional lighting of the oil lamps and a welcome address followed by a few other speeches, Cutting Edge 2017 kicked off into full swing.

If one walked into the main conference hall on the 29th, one would see the hall lined with students of IIT ranging from foundation level to first year, second year and final year students. 3rd year students were exempted from the exhibition as they were involved in their industrial placement and as such were interns at leading IT and Software companies. Throughout the day, both the public and school children would visit the stalls to see how the latest trends in IoT and smart devices were put to use.

Cutting Edge 2017
Image Credits: Raveen Wijetilleke

Towards the end of Day 01, a panel of judges visited all the stalls to pick the best projects that would take part in the NBQSA (National Best Quality Software Awards). As such, a total of 10 projects would be selected from the technical and business programmes. These 10 projects would comprise of 5 Final year projects and a mixture of 5 projects from both first and second year projects. Double that and you have 20 projects that would go on to the Judging criteria for NBQSA. Once judging was done, the selected teams would present again on Saturday the 1st of July. If selected, they would be notified via IIT and then would proceed to the later stages of NBQSA to compete with other finalists from across the country.

Day 02 of Cutting Edge

Throughout Day 01 and Day 02, the selected applicants were ever willing to answer any questions that the onlookers had. This included going into great details about what their project is and also any possible future enhancements and improvements that they could incorporate. The ideas seen here varied from a smart backpack, to a smart toothbrush, to a smart wallet, a smart ring to detect cardiac arrests, to even smart glasses for the blind.

Cutting Edge 2017
Image Credits: Raveen Wijetilleke

Moving on to final year projects of both Information System with Business Management and Software Engineering, there were projects such as Simply Fresh, a platform to encourage organic growing and selling of produce with tips and tricks and a shopping cart as well Another project was SchoolCon, a platform to connect teachers to students to keep track of your child’s academic career.

Awarding the best at Cutting Edge 2017

At the end of the two day exhibition, it was time for the awards ceremony. The awards were categorized in terms of Best Poster and also Best Projects for Foundation, First year, Second Year and Final Year.

Cutting Edge 2017: Creating A Smarter Tomorrow 3
Image Credits: Raveen Wijetilleke

Software Engineering and Business Information Systems

Best Poster (First Year)

  • 1st Place – Mine Survivor
  • 2nd Place – Cook Mate
  • 3rd Place – Wi-Fi controlled Spy Robot

Best Project (First Year)

  • 1st Place – Smart Pillow
  • 2nd Place – Luminaire
  • 3rd Place – Gaso meter

Best Poster (Second Year)

  • 1st Place – Safe plant
  • 2nd Place – Pik-it
  • 3rd Place – iMechanix

Best Project (Second Year)

  • 1st Place – Orasi 2.0 World
  • 2nd Place – iMechanix
  • 3rd Place – Smart Tooth Detector

Software Engineering

Best Poster (Final Year)

  • 1st Place – Dent Detective
  • 2nd Place – Natural Language Interface for RDBMS
  • 3rd Place – TestEasy
Software Project Innovation Bronze Award – Source Co-pilot – Ramitha Weerasinghe
Software Project Innovation Silver Award (Sponsored by CAM Management Solutions) – TDLang (Type-Driven Language) – Asela Damian Perera
Software Project Innovation Gold Award (Sponsored by CAM Management Solutions) – User Centric Mobile Decision Making System for Restaurant Selection – Chirath Kumarasiri

Information Systems With Business Management Projects

Best Poster (Final Year)

  • 1st Place – Simply Fresh
  • 2nd Place – GreenPay
  • 3rd Place – Create with Eyes
Business Innovation Bronze Award – AspireD – Manilka Pathirana
Business Innovation Silver Award (Sponsored by Virtusa) Distributor Complaint Management – Elakshy Ganesharajah
Business Innovation Gold Award (Sponsored by Virtusa) – BunchBus – Thashma Abeysinghe

Apart from these certificates, all students were also given certificates of honor for participating at Cutting Edge 2017. After a vote of thanks and a closing speech, Cutting Edge 2017 officially came to a close. For some, such as the final year students, this would be the last time that they exhibit their projects. As such, it was indeed a bittersweet moment. We wish to congratulate all those who took part in Cutting Edge 2017 and hope to see bigger and better ideas at Cutting Edge 2018.


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