Cyanogen, the A9 Processor, Polands Cybersec and Kim Dotcom


Cyanogen drops OnePlus One over Micromax

“It was surprising and disappointing to hear from Cyanogen on November 26 that they had granted exclusive rights in India over the Cyanogen system to another company”. This was the post by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei when they found out that Cyanogen, the company behind the CyanogenMod ROM, announced that they would be opting to work with Micromax thus ending support for OnePlus One users in India.


The CyanogenMod-powered OnePlus One is expected to launch in India on December 2nd, with a plot twist that may leave a somewhat bitter taste in the mouth for Indian users; they might not receive future versions of CyanogenMod as an OTA update but rather, they would have to flash any and all new ROMs developed by Cyanogen.

Apple to launch a 12.2-inch Apple iPad Air Plus

Mac Fan, a Japanese magazine with a sweet tooth towards Apple fanboys, recently published details of a rumoured 12.2-inch iPad Air Plus.

Scheduled to launch somewhere between April and June 2015 the new iPad Air Plus is supposedly powered by a nex-gen A9 Processor and sporting a 12.2-inch display, the device is also rumored to have improved stereo audio via four built in speakers on its edges.Following the launch of the new iPad Mini 4, the iPad mini and iPad mini 3 will be discontinued.

Poor Poland – Not as prepared against cyber warfare as they seemed

According to Poland’s Supreme Audit Office (NIK), the country’s infrastructure is not prepared for cyber attacks and are also not cooperating well enough to be effective in tackling online threats.


In a security conference held in Warsaw last week, department director Marek Bienkowski stated that communication between the Ministries of Home Affairs; Administrative Affairs and Digitization; and Defence has been sub standard, while law enforcement agencies and academic computer networks are poorly equipped to deal with security breaches. While the Polish police and the country’s internal security agency ABW are upto date and take an active stance regarding cyber security, they just don’t possess the required systems and resources to be prepared.

Google not exactly popular in Europe

It appears that Google controls around 90% of web searches in Europe. Something Parliament is not too happy about, Convening on Thursday, they plan to vote on a resolution that would diminish Google’s power in Europe. A major complaint is that searched done on Google tend to be ranked based on what’s best for Google as a business and not the user. This is to combat a move that is “illegal and discriminatory” and to restore competition in the online marketplace.

Although even if the vote is passed on Thursday, it will just be a recommendation and the actual authority to do anything lies with another branch of the government: the European Commission.

Black Friday Online Sales Rise

Popular shopping portal Amazon saw an increase of 25.9% sales when compared to 2013 essentially outperforming everyone else, but eBay grew just 3.0% over Thanksgiving Day 2013.

Best Buy on the other hand suffered three outages due to Mobile shopping. According to web performance monitoring company Catchpoint Systems, Best Buy was down on Thursday 27th from 5:00 AM to 6: 30 AM ET, 8:00-9:30 AM ET,and 10 AM ET on Black Friday (28th).


Apple iOS sales accounted for 20.2% of total online sales,although the same can’t be said for Android which drove only 5.6% of all online sales.

Mobile shopping was on the rise with mobile sales accounted for 26.1% of all online sales on Black Friday, an increase of 24.7% year-over-year.

Kim Dotcom’s fate left in the balance


Founder of controversial site Megaupload, Kim Dotcom is set to face a hearing that would revoke his bail and possibly land him in Jail. He has presented a very strong defence to avoid being sent to the US to face criminal copyright violation and racketeering charges.He cheekily embarrassed New Zealand’s Prime Minister and security agencies at hearings over illegal surveillance and even seems to have somehow managed to gather his finances via the launch of Mega and online music startup Baboom.

Although it seems his luck was short lived as by a rather misfortunate entry into politics via the Internet Party seems to have tossed him around. In addition, it seems he also lost public sympathy and has since then parted ways with his wife Mona who seems to be controlling the remainder of the family’s assets. To cap it all, Dotcom also states that he is broke and has been deserted by his law firm.

He even got questioned by the Crown with regards to his time spent online gaming to which he responded that he played for a couple of hours per day, with the exception of Call of Duty Modern Warfare which he played for 30-hours straight just because he wanted to be number one in the world.


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