Cyanogen has a new partner: Microsoft

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If you’re an Android user you’ve at some point in time heard of Cyanogen. The startup who offers a modified version of Android called “CyanogenMod” has struck a deal with an unlikely yet powerful partner: Microsoft.

In a press release on Thursday (16th), both companies made a formal announcement about the partnership. As such Microsoft’s apps and services such as Skype, Office, Bing and Outlook will be shipped with Cyanogen’s devices. The apps will be modified to blend with Cyanogen OS, akin to the way it created specialized apps for Amazon’s Fire OS.

In Markets such as China, where Google services such as the Play Store are restricted, Cyanogen shines as it doesn’t rely on the Google Play Store and other Google services.

The team up essentially allows Cyanogen to bundle Microsoft’s productivity apps but they won’t automatically be installed and users will always be able to delete the apps they don’t want.

Although a partnership between the two companies was rumored since the beginning of 2015, no details were given on the financial aspects of the deal. Sources reported that Microsoft was preparing for a $70 million investment in the company and Microsoft wasn’t mentioned when Cyanogen announced an $80 million round of funding last month either.

In addition, Microsoft also announced that it is now possible to install and run Windows 10 on Android devices.


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