On the First Day Of Infotel: How It Works



Infotel comes around once a year. Last time, it was at SLECC. This time, it’s a the BMICH, which gives the whole event quite a bit more surface area to sprawl across. This year’s Infotel is split up into two main stalls, Hall A and B, housed side by side. E, D, and C are smaller, with D being the open hall in the middle. (Photos by Mazin Hussein)


We’re in Hall B at the moment. B seems to be the educational side, or at least software and web-based  – the stalls here range from ICTA to CRM solutions   Google partners. We’re somewhere in Hall B, near the ICTA stall. They’ve set up an open red space, just behind the giant blue SLT stand. In semi-open cubicles throughout this space are seated some of the people who’re going through their Spiralation program this year. The audience is mostly school-goers – it being the first day of Infotel, hordes of them have literally been drop-shipped into this area.

Behind it is an interesting spread: a collection, or rather a cross-section of computing history spread on tables for all to see, ranging from vacuum tubes to ancient pseudo PCs from the era before color displays arrived on the scene. We’re told that this was donated by an independent collector from Kandy. The area around that stall is packed with schoolchildren straining to get their first glimpse of an Apple Macintosh.


There’s also places like the Sri Lankan domain registry. Most of the stalls here are providers of solutions to a very particular niche.

On the next side – Hall A – are the trade stalls. Obviously, they’re full of people selling stuff, and the traffic there is literally three times that of what we saw in the more industrial section. There’s even a stall with a jetski parked in it. We’re seeing large numbers of consumer electronics – everything from headsets and thumb drives to gaming PCs. By and large, twostalls are receiving the lion’s share of the attention.

The first is SALA Enterprises, which has set up a sleek, open concept home stuffed full of their products in context – it looks like a shrunken iteration of the Home of The Future that C3 Labs aired at Infotel last year. It’s largely white with cutouts on both sides and a mannequin sitting thoughtfully on the front wearing a headset. The second is Redline Technologies, which has set up a multi-stall affair lined with gaming PCs displaying some rather exotic components.


There’s also the usual bevy of education fairs. We’ve gone around and collected quite a few leaflets and such for practically very program offered in Sri Lanka. Quite a few have discounts on them. Over the course of the next two days, as Infotel fills up, we’ll be exploring these in more detail, as well as pinpointing the deals that they have out.


  1. I went to Infotel today i really feel this is some kind of trade fair the other than ICT exhibition. I really think organizers need to re-think about this and need come-up with new idea, otherwise this will die in couple of years. I really disappointed.

  2. Same here. Half of the stalls were dead, and not great offers as well. The whole strategy needs to be rethinked. However this is a super event by fitis, this needs to continute, so please pull all your creatives and do somethign different. The alien spaceship was a total crap. the food was unorganised and looked ugly how it was taken by force and served.


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