Dayan Rajapakse to Become President of SEARCC


We’re told that Dr Dayan Rajapakse, Director of Esoft and the President of the Computer Society of Sri Lanka, has been appointed as the President of the South East Asia Regional Computer Conferation (SEARCC for short), a non-profit that operates as an umbrella association for the Australian Computer Society, Canadian Information Processing Society, Hong Kong Computer Society, Computer Societies of India, Sri Lanka, the Republic of China, Papua New Guinea, the Computer and Informatics Professionals Society of Indonesia and others.

SEARCC’s been around since 1978, and organizes international conferences and competitions. As a side note, we hope they’ll update their website soon, because their member lists appear to be rather inconsistent and their links to research and projects contain (as of the time of writing) nothing but a brief paragraph and an unhelpful photo. Here’s to progress.


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