Dear Ceylon Today, Get Your Facts Straight


Yesterday was a sad day for us who live and earn by the written word. Or, for that matter, anyone who’s ever read an article on technology. Why? Because Ceylon Today, in their infinite wisdom, published a tech article.

This article, titled “How important the VGA to the performances of your computer?, talks about the importance of graphics cards to a modern PC, beginning with a rather hazy, and absolutely incorrect definition of the term “VGA”, going on to define the companies that make “VGAs”, and then deviates into a cross between an outdated historical ramble and a poor marketing piece for Alienware.

how important

It’s a masterpiece. Not only is it factually incorrect, misleading, misspelled and ridiculously outdated; it also reads like a traffic accident between a bowl of alphabet soup, an oil tanker and a baboon. And they actually put this into print.

We’re not the best-read tech site on the web, or even the most grammatically accurate, but this is flat-out ridiculous. In the interests of educating the mainstream media, we’re going to pick this thing apart until everybody gets their facts straight.

  • VGA now is used to High Definition videos including 1080p and higher.  
    I have no idea what you’re saying here.
  • nVedia has given pure computer graphics by their VGA’s for a decade…
    It’s Nvidia. And you spent two paragraphs defining VGA as a transmission standard. Nvidia’s transmission standard does what now? 
  • …with nVedia’s invention of GPU.
    Nvidia. And they DID NOT did not invent the GPU. They merely invented the term. Special graphics processing units have been used since the 1970s.
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is where VGA’s are produced and developed their companies are mainly based in Sunnyvale..
    Fullstops, fullstops.
  • Intel found semiconductor memory products back in 1968.
    I’m sure Intel ‘found’ semiconductor memory products. I have an uncle who found a gem, by the way. 
  • E VGA card is where the picture graphic is given for the computer and the full form of VGA is Video Graphic Array. EVGA is a graphics card brand. Get your facts straight.
  • There are different types of VGA’s.
    Really? Care to elaborate?
  • -insert momentary typo-induced migraine here-
  • without a VGA it is not possible to have graphics acceleration in a desktop or laptop.
    At this point I should mention (to whoever’s reading this from Ceylon Today) that your writers are confused. Very confused. A VGA is a transmission standard. Its physical representation is a blue port with holes in it. Notice how well, say, a Macbook works without having one of these blue ports on the side. 
  • There is only three manufacturers of VGA worldwide. Four manufacturers was available but then now only three and they give organization the chips to sell.
    *are. *were. *give organizations. 
  • there are only three manufacturers of VGA’s worldwide that are nVedia, AMD and the last manufacturer of VGA is Intel. 
  • The Intel chip is not easily distributed among organizations because they are considered as the most unique VGA chip in the world now. 
    Do you have ANY idea of what you’re saying? At all? AT ALL?
  • There are more brands of VGA such as Asus, Gigabyte, E VGA, Sapphire and Zotac but the most popular brands are as I mentioned nVedia, MSI or Intel.
  • Grammarly gave up and crashed. Grammarly is a little plugin we’ve started using recently for spelling and grammar checks inside WordPress. While we get it up and running, enjoy these reader responses to Ceylon Today’s article…
    ceylong today
  • And we’re back. Grammarly has been resuscitated. Notice how we were able to use big words like “resuscitate” without turning this into a day off at the alphabet zoo? Anyway, to continue…
  • From the VGA’s for this facility the most popular VGA is called nVedia Geforce.
    When will you learn the difference between a VGA and a graphics card? You DO realize these two are not one and the same? Oh, and it’s Nvidia. Not that you’d understand.
  • for desktop there is the nVedia 400 series
    This writer is so outdated it’s not even funny. The 400 series came out in 2010 – four years ago. We are now on the 900 series. Do the math. 
  • if a person is interested in gaming the most popular gaming laptop to purchase in the market is the Alienware Laptop, and this product is manufacturered by the DELL.
    We’ve never seen anything to indicate Alienwares are popular in Sri Lanka. Are you advertising “the DELL”? If so, you’re doing a really bad job of it.
  • The cheapest Alienware laptop can be purchased for Rs 400,000, even though it is expensive than other laptops there is a uniqueness of the product that last longs and it is provided with a brand new VGA. 
    RIP knowledge 10,000 BC – 2014 AD.
  • dual core processor was considered good lately but now it does not support most of the games.
    Let me teach you how game support for processors work.
    Actually, on second thoughts…maybe not. I have better ways of wasting my time, like getting to the end of this rant. Google it.
  • The lowest VGA card which can be purchased at the moment is the Geforce G210 VGA chip but nothing can be done by using the following VGA card. 
    We disagree. Research has shown that it can be used in lieu of a blunt instrument, or a rock. 

This fairly comprehensive list does not even begin to cover the length, depth, height, width, profoundness or other measurements of the bad writing. In fact, we’ve never seen such a horrendous article published in Sri Lankan media before, and as everyone knows, that’s saying a lot. Somehow, the writers elevate the art of bad writing to new heights  depths, creating something so horrific as to be spellbinding. We question the standards of Ceylon Today – not only their editing skills, but also their integrity and fact-checking skills. Is there nobody who verifies these things before they’re put up on such a popular platform?

After much thought, I’ve come up with a plausible reason as to why this is happening: the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

This theorem, an ancient thought experiment, was cast into its current form in 1913 by mathematician Émile Borel who, along with Sir Arthur Eddington, used it to explain timescales in statistical mechanics. It states that a monkey hitting the keys of a typewriter at random for an infinite length of time will eventually produce the collected works of Shakespeare; this was tested in 2011 by American programmer Jesse Anderson, who managed to get the job done in 1.5 months with a million monkeys simulated in software.

We’re therefore forced to conclude that this article, while not up to Shakespearean standards, is merely part of such an experiment. It would seem there’s still a long, long way to go.

Please, Ceylon Today. Stick to what you do best. Leave the tech to us.


  1. Best part is that it was apparently written by 2 people. So I was reading this trying to figure how both of them could have missed that many factual and grammatical errors.

  2. Excellent article Yudhanjaya. This should be printed or posted in response in the CeylonToday itself or a similar newspaper.

  3. This is what happens when journalists try to become somethign they aren’t good at. However one cannot blame them, it’s the Editors job to run through the article. This shows how the editor is unaware about the subject he/she’s dealing with! it’s the editors job to train the journalists, not publish crap.

  4. As a reader, I certainly see a decline of the quality of the writing these days in general. Not only in the Today newspaper, I also have noticed many careless mistakes in the front-page articles of Daily Mirror too. Recently they had to publish an apology note due to a missing punctuation (a fullstop) which presented a completely wrong idea. Non-consistency is another issue. Some news articles correctly omit salutations like Mr. / Mrs., but recently one DM news article carry that mistake.

  5. As a former employee of Ceylon Today; I was shocked to see this article. I stopped reading and went back again to siphon some sense out of this. Then only I saw the word ‘nVedia Geforce’ and I gave up. Totally agree with what Tharindu said, “This is what happens when journalists try to become something they aren’t good at.”

    As journalists, it is our duty to present true facts, not utter bullshit or outdated facts. If you don’t know a single bit about technology; it is good that you don’t write about it rather than getting the whole picture wrong and getting yourself branded as a person who tried to piss into the wind.

  6. Well done for taking the time to pick the “article” apart. While I’m not an expert on IT, there is NO excuse for poor English when you are publishing an English Newspaper. And what’s the point of publishing crap, when people can get better value from the myriad of online IT new sites? It’s this kind of decline in standards that is sounding the death knoll for newspapers. Also, when there are two writers involved with an article, it is vital to have a third person proofread and edit. Clearly one of the two authors here is not a native English speaker or writer.

  7. Who’s the Editor of Ceylon Today? Editor should apologize and publish a correct article! It’s a shame! Shame! Shame! Mr. Allies over to you! I hope you’ll hire better staff and keep the quality?

  8. This should be corrected immediately.. this is totally unacceptable even for a grade 2 essay. young people who will read this (if they will of course – dnt read this by the way) will get confused. I think our local news paperers focus a lot on creating political news which is utter rubbish and focus less on these educational stuff. pathetic….

  9. This is funny. Most of the main stream meida is just fills up paper space to keep the paper floating. It’s called FILLERS I think.

    Their web site’s are a shit. Waste of space on the internet. not only they publish shit on their paper they also publish them online.

    Sites like readme, Yamu take a lot of effort on conetnt, the layuout presenting etc, non of the main stream sites take effort on that. CT is a horrible newspaper afterall.

  10. While I appreciate the spirit it was written in, I find this article ironic because it contains several grammatical errors. Just saying. Web Plugins are no substitute for good, old-fashioned grammar skills.


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