Death Sentence Wins a “Spirit”ed Season at GameEdge


GameEdge DOTA 2 Champion’s League Season 1, a tournament powered by the Game Edge, Nestle and Sri Lanka Telecom, premiered a while back as a combination online and LAN tournament with a Rs. 100,000 prize pool. That’s right, one hundred thousand rupees of prizes to the top 5 teams of the tournament – by far, the biggest prize pool we’ve seen for Dota 2 in Sri Lanka.


Initial group stage qualifiers were held online using a 16-slot draw. Gamer.LK’s Top 5 ranked teams, along with the tier just below them, took part in a group stage, with 8 teams emerging to face each other in a double-elimination LAN.


Battles were fierce from the very first round (Vicious & [D]elicious vs Origin Unknown) faced each other. The final three teams were Tech Morph’s Death Sentence, The Kade from Phoenix Gaming and the standalone iNFiNitY GaminG. Their showdown was taken to a grand final at Crescat Boulevard lobby. Despite a low spectator turnout, some pretty intense carnage took place.

It’s fair to say it was a tournament filled with the Spirits. Ember and Storm Spirit were among the most picked heroes, followed by Vengeful Spirit (yes, another spirit). The finale, once again, was an unsurprising match: The Kade and Death Sentence – the top two in Sri Lankan Dota.

Death Sentence, being undefeated in the top-bracket, got a one game advantage in the BO5 final. Death Sentence applied extreme pressure upon The Kade, winning the first game to make the score 2-0 with an Ember Spirit in tow, only one victory away from winning the biggest prize money awarded.

Just when the cheers of PnX supporters were diming out, The Kade made a powerful – but ultimately futile – comeback by winning two matches in a row to even the score, with the aid of a midlane Bristleback. Nevertheless, that comeback was not enough to beat Death Sentence with their solid picks and strategies – and thus, Season 1 of GED2CL was roundly won by Tech Morph’s Death Sentence, evening the battlefield on a positively ancient rivalry between these two teams.

Winner – TM | Death Sentence
Runner-up – PnX|The Kade


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