Dive into Deep Waters With the Galle IT-BPM Week Deep Dive Workshop


Following the workshops for both Educator and Students, the Galle IT-BPM Week will also consist of a Deep Dive workshop. If you missed, it, the Galle IT-BPM Week kicks off from the 4th of July 2018 to the 7th of July 2018.

Organized by SLASSOM, ADB, and ICTA, the Galle IT-BPM Week also has a number of universities joining. As such, SLIIT and IIT will be joining the Galle IT-BPM Week as Coverage Partner and Education Partner respectively.

What is the Deep Dive Workshop?

The Deep Dive workshop, scheduled to be held on the 7th of July at Mahinda College Galle will be all about focusing on innovation, game programming, and robotics. As such, the Deep Dive Workshop will consist of segments related to MakerSpace, Scratch, and Micro:bit.

In case you didn’t know, MakerSpaces are spaces where people can gather to create, invent and learn about things like 3D printing, electronics, and even software development. Scratch programming is a visual programming language aimed at children.

Deep Dive Workshop Galle IT-BPM Week
An example of a student creating a device at a Makerspace

Rather than typing lines of code, scratch programming makes use of coding with simple blocks of preprogrammed code. Once the codes are created, they can be shared with other users, enabling greater collaboration.

Lastly, Micro:bit is essentially a circuit board that has a number of sensors for light, temperature, motion, and wireless communication. All of these are programmable when connected to a PC or laptop via USB.

Scouts with the Micro:bit (Image credits: Micro:bit SLUG)
Scouts with the Micro:bit (Image credits: Micro:bit SLUG)

You can build things from robots to even musical instruments. We spoke about Micro:bit SLUG a while ago and how they are trying to revolutionize Sri Lanka.

A breakdown of the Deep Dive Workshop

Held for 500 students, the Deep Dive Workshop of the Galle IT-BPM Week will kick off with a Scratch programming session for a duration of 2 hours. Here, 150 students will take part in 6 sessions. Following that, an Innovator Workshop will be held for 150 students once again in 6 sessions for a duration of 2 hours.

The last track will be a Micro:bit Robotics session, once again for 150 students in 6 sessions, for a duration of two hours. A session for parents will follow that for 1 hour for 450 parents in 3 sessions. Here. Several industrial and academic persons will carry out a number of interactive sessions to help them introduces students into the fields of ICT. The session will be held in parallel to the Deep Dive workshops at the Galle IT-BPM Week.

In addition, a specially designed workshop will be held for female school students. Held for 300+ school children, the workshop would be to encourage them to select ICT as a future career. Lastly, there will also be an Innovation Exhibition where school students who have developed new solutions would be invited to showcase their new creations.

As always, we from ReadMe will be attending the workshops to bring you the latest updates as and when they happen. So if you can’t make it, you can stay tuned to our Instagram and Twitter Feeds.


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