Dell Technologies Cloud and Unified Workspace has arrived


When you think Dell, your thoughts would immediately go to their popular laptops, or maybe even their desktops. The world-renown company may be a consumer brand. But it’s also a well-known global enterprise solutions provider as well. At the recently held Dell Technologies Symposium 2019 Colombo, the company announced the launch of Dell Technologies Cloud and Unified Workspaces, along with a host of other services. Here’s what you need to know.

Taking the stage to deliver the keynote was Anothai Wettayakorn, Vice President, Asia Emerging Markets and South Asia Consumer Business at Dell Technologies. Anothai talked about the importance of data in the modern business environment. Although there’s such prominence is set for data, he mentions that today, less than 1% of data is actually analyzed. This, in essence, presents an industry opportunity.

“Accessibility to data is at the core of business transformation and modern enterprises are increasingly relying on cloud to help accelerate the delivery of innovative services powered by data to the business, ultimately delivering new experiences to their customers.”

Anothai Wettayakorn – Vice President, Asia Emerging Markets and South Asia Consumer Business, Dell Technologies

But as data continues to take a bigger spotlight every day, technologies like AI, machine learning, cloud technologies, etc. take a greater prominence as well. Cloud is one of the areas Dell is focused on. As such, Anothai introduced the audience to Dell Technologies Cloud what it means for the enterprise sector.

Dell Technologies Cloud

Powered by Dell EMC and VMWare, Dell Technologies Cloud enables businesses with hybrid cloud operations – private cloud, public cloud, and the edge. The service includes two offerings, Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms, and Data Center-as-a-Service. This means that businesses would be offered flexible IT and management options along with tight integration. Additionally, this also means the convenience of a single vendor experience for purchasing, deployment, services as well as financing.

Dell Technologies Symposium 2019 Colombo
Anothai Wettayakorn at the Dell Technologies Symposium 2019 Colombo

So what does deploying Dell Technologies Cloud mean for your business? For starters, with the availability of VMware Cloud Foundation natively on Dell EMC VxRail, organizations can opt for a more straightforward mechanism to adopt hybrid cloud. Research from the International Data Corporation suggests that Dell Technologies Cloud could reduce total cost of ownership by up to 47%, over a five-year period compared to native public cloud.

The Data Center-as-a-Service model brings Dell Technologies Cloud via VMware Cloud on Dell EMC for on-premises environments. In other words, this lets VMware take care of infrastructure management, troubleshooting, and maintenance instead of organizations. This also comes with the added benefit of enterprise-grade data services, security and resiliency built into the solution, along with add-on services such as backup, disaster-recovery and bursting capabilities. You can check here if you’re curious to know more about this.

Unified Workspaces

Following Anothai was Lertluk Kunlasutti, Director, Client Solution Group, Asia Emerging Markets at Dell Technologies. She focused on what Unified Workspaces had to offer.

The modern work environment has come a long way thanks to technology. Today, we have aspects such as flexibility and the ability to collaborate anytime anywhere, play a key role in our daily work lives. But it gets tricky when it comes to certain areas of an organization. Take, for example, the IT department. More often than not, the majority of their time is spent on daily tasks like helpdesk requests, monitoring, and troubleshooting, etc. As a result, they are unable to play an active part in transformative and often progressive initiatives in the work environment. Enter Dell Technologies Unified Workspaces.

This aims to enable IT to transform the experience for the end-user. As Dell puts it, a new platform integrates software, services and hardware together to make the future of work a reality. Taking the stage at Dell Technologies Symposium 2019 Colombo, Lertluk Kunlasutti mentioned how this would essentially help streamline complex and time-consuming tasks with automation and insights capabilities.

Part of the Unified workspaces experience involves VMware Workspace One. Some of the conveniences Workspace One has to offer involves a single console to manage all devices, all apps in a single digital workspace that comes with Single Sign On (SSO) access. Workspace One also allows for automation of onboarding, and device configuration.

Dell Technologies Symposium 2019 Colombo
Lertluk Kunlasutti at Dell Technologies Symposium 2019 Colombo

But none of this really matters if there’s no proper support service. With Unified Workspaces, Dell has that covered too. Here, support service comes in the form of ProSupport, and it basically helps you maximize productivity and uptime. The ProSupport Suite’s services range from IT infrastructure services to even support services for home PCs.

Speaking of computers, Lertluk also spoke about some of the devices that help make their Unified Workspace offering an end-to-end one. Most notably, the recently launched Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 computer that functions both as a laptop and a tablet. Of course, there’s also the Latitude Education series, Latitude Rugged Extreme, and Precision Workstation, each catering to a different segment.

“With Dell Technologies’ solutions, we’re empowering businesses on their digital transformation journey to preserve essential information while becoming more adaptive, competitive and innovative”.

Chrishan Fernando – Country Manager, Dell Technologies Sri Lanka

Beyond Dell Technologies Cloud and Unified Workspaces, the symposium touched on a number of other aspects as well. This ranged from modernizing your data protection solutions to application security. With that concludes Dell Technologies Symposium 2019 Colombo and the launch of Dell Technologies Cloud and Unified Workspaces in  Sri Lanka.


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