Design. Build. Launch: CodeFest 2013


CodeFest 2013 is the beginning of an annual developer event organized by Webgurus International Sri Lanka to mark the occasion of a year of meet-ups. CodeFest is all about initiating new ideas by developers with the long term goal to support sustainable products / services which the contestants come up with during the overnight coding marathon. 

This two day event which is scheduled to kick off on the 19th of January will be selectively open to all the members of the php meet-up group, out of which 30 developers will be placed into 5 groups of 6 members each. The theme for this year’s contest is Tourism in Sri Lanka, and the teams will have to work together and create something new and innovative to play a role in the fast-rising Tourism industry.

The second day of CodeFest will take place at the Royal College Union Skills Centre (map) on the 20th of January from 10am onwards, and will be open to all meet-up members, industry professionals as well as students in the field of IT. Here the groups will present their ideas to the panel of judges and fellow meet-up members. The ideas will be judged by a prominent industrialist from the Tourism sector, an online business entrepreneur from Netherlands and also will be technically assessed by a lead php developer from Netherlands. But best of all is that the winning idea stands a chance of being funded so that it may be fully implemented and launched.

“This is not going to be a normal coding event! We want to encourage the developers to build actual sustainable products which can be used to compliment the growing tourism industry in Sri Lanka.” Says Judy Deepan (General Manager, Webgurus International, Sri Lanka)

Indeed this event will hopefully be the beginning of something new to both the tourism industry and for fellow developers. Since this will encourage young developers to finally leave their fear of job security and invest their knowledge in new start-ups.


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If you have any queries about CodeFest please email [email protected] and include “CodeFest 2013” as the subject.



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