Dialog eZ Cash ATMs Are Available In the Northern Province


Dialog Axiata PLC and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia have collaborated to launch a digital payment platform. This platform will be available across 200 ATMs located in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka by means of Dialog’s eZ Cash. The initial launch took place at the Dialog branch located in Jaffna The announcement was made recently at the launch ceremony held in Jaffna.

Dialog eZ Cash
The first eZ Cash transaction taking place at the Launch in Jaffna
Image Credits: Daily FT

What is eZ Cash by Dialog?

If you still haven’t used eZ cash or you do not know what it is, eZ Cash by Dialog is a mobile wallet, licensed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Using eZ Cash, you can pay for goods services and even carry out mobile reloads for your phone. In addition, you can also send and receive money from any mobile phone in Sri Lanka. We took a look at it when it was first launched as well. Since then, the platform has evolved to offer more services and added more partners as well

Who will benefit from this?

Dialog’s primary goal with this initiative is to reach and support communities with limited or no banking facilities with their digital payment retail system.Well, if you’re for starters, Customers who are in any of these 200 locations can withdraw money via eZ Cash. The ATMs will also be placed across a wide network of stores as well. Using these ATMs is also a straightforward process as you would only need your mobile phone.

Dialog eZ Cash ATMs Are Available In the Northern Province 3In terms of funding this project, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) would pool in LKR 60 million from their own Business Partnerships Platform. Dialog would chip in with LKR 93 Million of the company’s own funding.

Thoughts from the launch

At the initial launch, Brye Hutchesson, the Australian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka explained how the partnership with Dialog Axiata is the foundation to delivering of advanced digital and financial services to those residing in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. He also added that We live in a world where access to technology is an important equalizer of social and economic opportunity.”

Rainer Deutschmann, Group Chief Operating Officer of Dialog Axiata PLC also added his thoughts by explaining that this payment platform project is part of the company’s wider Digital Transformation Initiative. The goal of the initiative would be to support economic growth across not only the Northern province but across the entire country. Further, he also added that Dialog would provide training on the components of these initiatives and also run programs to accelerate adoption of platforms of this nature.


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