Dulith Herath Recognized into Eisenhower Fellowship


What is the Eisenhower Fellowship?

The Eisenhower Fellowship is a private, non-profit organization created to honor Dwight D. Eisenhower, who served as the President of the United States of America from January 20th 1953 to January 20th 1961, for his contribution towards humanity as a leader, soldier and statesman . As such, the organization recognizes such individuals and connects them to and from a global network, with the aim of creating a peaceful and united world. You can learn more about the Eisenhower Fellowship here.

Eisenhower Fellowship
An example of Eisenhower members meeting up
Image Credits: EFWorld

Sri Lanka too has its own chapter for the Eisenhower Fellowship. In it are members such as Harsha Purasinghe, Chevaan Daniel, Jayantha Fernando and many others. Adding to this list and indeed the Global fellows is Dulith Herath. For those of you who don’t know, Dulith is the CEO of Kapruka, the online e-Commerce site, and the founder of Grasshoppers. e-Commerce is nothing new. In fact, if you purchase anything from Amazon or eBay, you are in fact, taking part in an e-Commerce process. Put simply, e-Commerce or electronic commerce is the process of buying, selling or exchanging products and/or services via electronic networks.

How does Grasshoppers by Dulith Herath come into play?

Grasshoppers is Kapruka’s delivery arm that promises customers a cheaper and quicker door-to-door delivery service when compared to their rivals. Interestingly, Grasshoppers was the exact catalyst that was needed for Dulith to be recognized into the Eisenhower Fellowship. We covered the story of Dulith a while ago where we got to know his story and how he was tech junkie and spent most of his childhood taking apart his toys and putting them back together, which quickly lead to an obsession with technology.

Dulith Herath
Dulith Herath
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Grasshoppers initiative essentially allows anyone to do e-commerce. From signing up as a delivery person, to actually making e-commerce available for everyone, Dulith’s goal is for everyone to become an entrepreneur without having large overheads or investments. As such, Grasshoppers would empower anyone and everyone to start their own e-commerce platform and reap its benefits.

Overall, the Grasshoppers initiative by Dulith Herath is indeed a very viable opportunity for entrepreneurs to step into the world of e-Commerce. Indeed, e-Commerce has the possibility to make brick and mortar stores obsolete as they offer a less hassling approach with your purchases literally being delivered to your doorstep. Hats off to Dulith Herath for this and the best of luck for Grasshoppers.


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