E-Ink Smartwatches, Tumblr’s Massive Growth and the Death of ClipArt


It’s yet another day, and as usual, with great power comes great respo- er, wrong line. Nevermind. Basically:

Tumblr is now the fastest-growing social media network

according to the quarterly report from the Global Web Index. While Facebook’s stuck at 2% growth, Tumblr’s user base has grown by 120% in the last six months, surpassing Instagram and YouTube.Nevertheless, Facebook still is the king when it comes to daily visitors. It’s hard to grow when you’ve already conquered most of the known Internet, eh? Which reminds us of Alexander the Great, the bloke who reportedly wept because there were no more worlds to conquer…

Sony became our new favorite company, because they’re working on an e-ink Smartwatch


Finally, a smart watch that’s actually practical. Officially called the FES (Fashion Entertainment Watch), it was trialed on a Japanese  crowd funding site without the Sony name on it. It apparently easily exceeded its funding goal. we’re looking at a clean, circular watch that reportedly lasts 60 days on a single charge. No word on the specs or when the product will actually be available.

Microsoft is going to kill ClipArt

In a post on the Microsoft Office blog, MS revealed that they would be doing away with ClipArt and integrating Bing search – which honestly sounds a hundred times more useful. Apparently images pulled from this in-Office image search are going to be filtered for Creative Commons licenses, so you’ll be able to use content without worry about copyrights.

After a slightly embarrassing news leak, Microsoft confirmed that it’s bought email app Accompli for $200 million


Accompli is basically an iOS and Android email app targeting professionals, designed to provide better support for managing emails, schedules and files. It’s repeatedly taken the limelight as an excellent way to use Microsoft as well as Gmail’s email services. Recode was the first to dig out the $200 million figure.

And lastly, Bitcoin is apparently not as secure as you thought it was. 

BGR.in, listening in on a paper presented at the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, pointed out that new findings show that some 60 percent of the IP addresses used in Bitcoin transactions can be unveiled. Whether this has been practically aplied and in the wild is unknown.



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