e-Swabhimani’s on: Apply ASAP


It’s simple. e-Swabhimani, the National e-Content awards program, is rolling again – and in case you missed the cue, the deadlines close on the 25 of August, 2014.

This time, as always, there are multiple categories to choose from:

  1. e-Government and Institutions
  2. e-Health and Environment
  3. e-Learning and Education
  4. e-Entertainment and Games
  5. e-Culture and Heritage
  6. e-Science and Technology
  7. e-Business and Commerce
  8. and interestingly, e-Inclusion and Participation
  9. and also m-Content

The rules are simple. There’s no restriction on applying – you can be an organization or individual. You do have to own the copyrights to all materials used in the project and it has to be a complete product. We’d advise you have a look at the rules page before downloading the application. Your project will be evaluated via six technical criteria, two of them being interface and the aesthetic value of what you’ve created – in short, ugly may not cut it. 


e-Swabhimani is an initiative of ICTA, and is aimed at recognizing excellence in digital content creation. It’s an international stepping stone as well –  . for example, previous programs saw all short listed submissions are nominated to the Manthan Award South Asia, and e-Swabhimani has also acted as a precursor for selection for the World Summit Awards 2013. If you’ve got anything worth showing, polish it up and roll up for the glory!


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