eCyberSec breaks new ground on national Cyber security


The pioneer in application security platforms, eCybersec, has tied up with many leading private and public sector companies in lite of the rising threat poised by increasing cyber crime.

Cybercrime attacks on government institutions and organisations recently, gained access to confidential data worth millions of dollars and threatening the safety of countries. Consequently, the importance of securing a website or computer system or any digital infrastructure has become of vital importance due to high vulnerability to attacks, risking brand image and company reputation.

eCybersec takes credit for being able to approach the threat through a planned cyber incident response plan, which identifies various scenarios and sets out appropriate responses.

Sanjee Balasuriya, CEO and founder of eCybersec stated that, Security technologies—including firewalls, network and host intrusion detection, and prevention systems—have created a tremendous volume of information, and handling that information only makes a company’s security problems more challenging. Even if a single link is weak, the network Infrastructure could be vulnerable to an attack. Application Penetration Testing & Source Code Reviews also play a vital aspect of this process which will help to understand the security posture of the systems and the applications, he continued.

The Cyber security platform created by eCybersec integrates a company’s functions such as IT, HR and other departments having access to confidential information. eCybersec also won the Gold award at the recent hacking challenge contest organized by SLCERT, Sri Lanka’s prime body in defending Cyber Crime.


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