iCrawler managed security service in Sri Lanka


Singapore partner to provide iCrawler managed security service in Sri Lanka.

Mr Sanjee Balasuriya, MD CEO eCybersec & Mr Onn Chee, CTO Resolvo Systems Singapore
Mr Sanjee Balasuriya, MD CEO eCybersec & Mr Onn Chee, CTO Resolvo Systems Singapore

eCybersec, a leading web application/network penetration testing company, tied hands with Resolvo Systems Singapore in order to introduce yet another groundbreaking service to the IT Security market in Sri Lanka. This cost effective, hassle-free remote monitoring service – ‘iCrawler’, is an early and prompt detection of information leakage of defaced and infectious compromised pages of corporate websites. It is expected to increase organization’s public web server security and would be an ideally managed security platform for organizations seeking to overcome website defacements.

iCrawler is the world’s first dedicated outbound scanning solution for web servers, providing detection of information leakage, malware transmission and inappropriate content such as hacked pages. With its unique patented technologies, iCrawler can add the long-missing 180o protection to your existing web security scanning tools, hence achieve a complete 360o detection for your web servers. With iCrawler, you can take pro-active steps to build customer confidence and trust in your web-based e-services, through early detection of privacy regulatory violations or damage to your online reputation, resulting from any defacement or malicious transmission from your e-services. Traditional web security scanning tools does not discover unknown vulnerabilities and errors, leakages from web servers and more importantly, cannot identify if your website contains malicious content or is hacked. iCrawler covers all these drawbacks while also is used as a Data Loss Protection Product (DLP)

MD & CEO, founder of eCybersec Sanjee Balasuriya stated, “We are delighted to formalize our professional relationship with Resolvo Systems Singapore would be a stepping stone to the Sri Lankan Information Security market to provide a managed security service to various sectors such as banks, government, private & Defense.

With our normal Application Security Services, iCrawler would be the icing on the cake and customers would have better security posture with their web servers and online e-commerce applications. Managed Security Service will come as a Flexible Monthly Subscription Plans which is cost-effective and Simple charging model by number of FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) and frequency of reports/ Alter the list of FQDN to monitor anytime/ Adjust frequency of scan reports anytime. eCybersec will always be the information asset protector to the IT Security market.” Further he mentioned that this initiative will allow eCybersec to consistently deliver the highest quality information security services to valuable customers.

Mr Onn Chee, Chief Technology Officer at Resolvo Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore noted that the partnership with Sri Lanka’s leading security consultancy, eCybersec to offer their patented iCrawler scanning services to Sri Lanka is a great opportunity. “We look forward to a very fruitful partnership with eCybersec in serving Sri Lankan customers. This unique facility is bound to further strengthen eCybersec’s extensive portfolio of security services.”


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