eCybersec teams up with Net Assist to offer Web Application security workshops



Workshops on web application security and server hardening organised by the leaders of cyber security platforms; eCybersec and Net Assist is on the way.

The course content focuses on OWASP TOP 10 WEB application security risks, Microsoft IIS 7.5 Server Hardening, MS Windows 2008 server hardening by CIS standards and NET Secure Coding using OWASP ESAPI libraries and special risk prevention methods.

A series of 3 day workshops will be conducted by a leading and sought after Singapore based Chartered Security Architect Mr. Wong Onn Chee. He is the Managing Director of Infotect Security, Chief Technology officer at Resolvo Systems and co-inventor for at least six international PCT patent rights besides several US, EU and Singapore patents.

Targeted specifically for web security engineers, System administrators, security professionals, software engineers and persons interested in the integrity of web application security and is bound to revolutionize the web application development industry, in the light of increased cyber hacking taking place locally and internationally.

eCybersec, leaders of Information Security consulting & personalizing security platforms on all applications including mobile apps. Sanjee Balasuriya, MD and CEO of eCybersec stated that “this partnership comes at the correct time when privacy of online security platforms are at risks by hackers. Given the next couple of years, job opportunities for anti hacking IT professionals in the country would also grow”.


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