eMarketingEye announces the first online marketing hackathon


We’ve been to many hackathons over the years. From robotics hackathons to social hackathons lasting an entire weekend, we thought we had seen them all. That is until we heard about this. Yup, eMarketingEye is about to host Sri Lanka’s first ever Online Marketing Hackathon.

In case you’re lost, eMarketingEye is an online marketing agency based here in Sri Lanka and it has a vacancy for Digital Marketing Strategist. Now they could have done the usual process of testing candidates through interviews, but that would have been too mainstream. Instead, they decided that they would organize a hackathon.

Why a hackathon? According to eMarketingEye, this allows them to build a fun environment for everyone to identify the next generation of online marketing professionals. We’ve seen quite a few radical approaches to recruitment, but this is a whole new level.

So how will this new kind of hackathon work? To start off, the hackathon will feature mentoring sessions, interactive discussions, quizzes and group activities. Finally, it will end with participants being given a case study of a company in the tourism industry for which they have to create a suitable online marketing plan.

That’s the flow of Sri Lanka’s first online marketing hackathon. Just reading through those activities tells you how intense it’s going to be. The judging at all stages will be done by eMarketingEye themselves. The winners who will get the job of being the next Digital Marketing Strategist though, will be those who display a variety of attributes. Some of these attributes are: teamwork, presentation skills and of course knowledge of the subject matter.

So who can take part? It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh university graduate or a marketing veteran. The doors are open to practically anyone.



  1. Stumbled across this article while doing some research into Sri Lankan hackathons. While the concept is great, it’s a pretty terrible place to work with. This company is quite notorious for ethically questionable marketing practices and well-known in the industry for having a strict (think of every comic you’ve ever seen on the woes of capitalism on the working man) attitude towards it employees.
    Just ask around the industry before falling for “innovative, out-of-the-box” marketing gimmicks.

  2. @sjw – someone told me about this comment and i have to say thank you. your comment is a very polite version of what goes on.. i hope more people are able to talk about it without being scared..


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