eMarketingEye Celebrates 8 Years In Action


Rajitha Dahanayake

eMarketingEye, the Sri Lankan online marketing agency, recently celebrated eight years of existence. eMarketingEye, for those not aware of it, is known for their work in the hospitality / tourism sector, both locally and on foreign shores: they do web development, SEO, social media, online booking engine solutions and quite a bit more for some of the largest hotel brands in Sri Lanka. 

Going by a interview with Rajitha Dahanayake, the CEO of eMarketingEye, the company is the quintessential home startup: it began with a office in Rajitha’s parents place and a handful of clients from Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. Their first office was in Pagoda Road, in 2007; there they grew to a staff of 25, later moving to their current headquarters and expanding to their present size of around 80 individuals. On the way, they evolved, adapting to their clients’ needs.

“For instance, initially, we did not want to focus on web development but based on the requests from our clients, it has been an area which we had to venture into. Today, I am proud to say that we are one of the top web development companies in Sri Lanka deploying cutting-edge web solutions, not mere run-of-the-mill websites. Similarly, we had to expand into systems development because our clients in hotels and travel industry wanted us to provide a one-stop-solution and hence we started developing our own Internet Booking Engine (IBE),” says Rajitha.  

As a company, our flat hierarchy means that we make decisions very fast. There is no red tape and this means that clients always get a faster, more efficient service at all times. It’s a highly-competitive industry, not only for us but also for our clients. Hence, quick decision-making is vital to everyone’s success. Over the years, this attribute has been one of the keys to our success. 

We believe in being honest, transparent and performance-driven principles. This applies to both our clients and our team members. We work very closely with our clients at all times and have transparent dealings when it comes to their projects. For example, if a client wants to run a Google Adwords campaign, we would tell the client how much we pay Google and give them access to check on the performance of it on their own so that there is complete transparency. This is something other agencies may not do or try to avoid.

To reach out and educate the companies, we organize various events such as conferences, workshops and seminars. We conducted two digital market conferences in Sri Lanka in the recent past. We are also working on plans to work with schools, universities and other educational institutes to introduce more students to online marketing. This will ensure that there is a steady stream of talented individuals with new ideas and innovative thinking, who can elevate the online marketing industry in Sri Lanka to a higher position, both regionally and internationally. At the end of the day, as a company, we are not about having the largest share of a small pie. We want to create a larger pie so that all online marketing providers and the clients can grow together.”

Of course, eMarketingEye has plans for the future. According to Rajitha, there’s huge opportunity in smaller verticals such as finance and transport industries. Internally, they’ve working on increasing the efficiency of their systems by revamping certain things, such as pay-per-click marketing reports, SEO performance monitoring and so on. 



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