Etisalat’s Android challenge kicks off again




If you’re a local Android developer, here’s your chance for fame and fortune: Etisalat’s Android Challenge is opening its doors once more. Up for grabs is a grand prize of Rs. 100,000/=

If you haven’t stumbled across this before, here’s the gist of it. The Android Challenge is a subsection of Etisalat’s AppZone Champions 2012. If you’re an Android developer, and if you have something published on Google Play, all you have to do is visit this page to apply. Of course, your app has to have some relevance to Sri Lanka. And you have do it before the 30th of April.

Last year’s winner was “Omi, the card game in Sinhala”, a freeware app from two enterprising coders, Amodth Jayawardena and Thameera Sajith from SLIIT. The game is entirely based in Sinhala, has a very high app rating and has seen a fair share of downloads.

[box_light]The Omi game was developed in line with the famous card game Omi to play on Android powered mobile phones. This game was developed to give the real experience for the player as he/she plays the game as a member of a group of four players. All the rules and regulations mimic the real game. The roles of the other three players is handled by the Android system.[/box_light]

If you want to win, Omi is a good benchmark!


For more details please drop a mail to [email protected], or make your way to the captivating grand prize!


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