Etisalat’s Developer Upgrade – Appzone Click – To Launch Tomorrow


Developers among you will have heard of Etisalat’s Appzone – Sri Lanka’s first proper telco appstore garnered a fair amount of attention for both Etisalat and for the devs who jumped on board.

Now, we’ve received word that Etisalat’s set about making the development process easy enough for non-techies to start making apps without having to dive into APIs. They call this Appzone Click, and it’s meant to be a simple, web-based UI where you can cobble together and test SMS-based applications with a few clicks.

They’re going to launch the service at an event starting at 3pm at the Etisalat Head Office (that’s the one near the President’s residence) on the 22nd November, 2014. Expect live demos, speeches and tips on leveraging this functionality for a business.

It’s an interesting development, and by and large it should open up the telco appsphere to a wider range of creators who just don’t have the time, skills or inclination to work with an API. There’s plenty of scope and an audience for creative SMS applications – after all, despite the smartphone boom, the overwhelming majority of Sri Lankans are on feature phones. Time will tell if the next big app rises from this.



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