What To Expect At The First Lanka Comic Con


“Are we impressed? Yes. It’s still going to take a lot of work, but at this rate SLCG could evolve into own comic con in a few years.” – SLCG 2014: The other side of the coin

About a year ago, we found Sri Lanka’s biggest celebration of geek culture at SLCG 2014. This year things have been taken to the next level. The Geek Club of Sri Lanka in partnership with Gamer.lk will be hosting Sri Lanka’s first Lanka Comic Con at SLCG 2015. That’s right, the Lanka Comic Con; is happening and you’ll see many cool additions this year.

Photo credits: Lanka ComicCon
Photo credits: Lanka ComicCon

For starters if you want some new posters or artwork, you’ll find some amazing stuff here. Some of Sri Lanka’s brightest young comic book artists such as the Pruve collective and independent graphic artists will be showcasing their work at the Lanka Comic Con. If you love their work then you can also purchase copies to decorate your workspace, room or anywhere you like.

As the e-sports athletes battle it out on the screens, you can try battling it out with other geeks on the tables. A trademark of the Geek Club of Sri Lanka has always been their amazing table-top board games and wargaming. From simple trading card games like Yugioh to those with elaborate dioramas that take multiple tables like Firefly, there’s a huge variety of games you can take part in. Be warned: you will lose track of time as you have fun playing these games.  There’ll also be a special Dungeons and Dragons session for kids between the ages of 8-14 to participate in.

Then comes the Flea Market. Swap, buy and sell some geek goodies. Here you will find the Graphic Novels and Manga at discounted prices which according to their Facebook event page will be on sale between LKR 1000 – 2500. Naturally you’ll also find a selection of geeky T-shirts. Trendy Connections will be there with a line of limited edition Geek T-shirts made especially for the ComicCon.

Photo credits: Lanka Comic Con
Photo credits: Lanka Comic Con

That’s not all. If you’re planning on dressing up as your favorite fictional character you can take part in the cosplay contest. The cosplay contest will be happening on both the 28th and 29th of November at SLCG. On Saturday, there are two awards being given out which will be for the best cosplay of the day and anime cosplay. Similarly on Sunday, there’s also two awards for the best cosplay of the day and youngest cosplayer award. Last year we saw a number of passionate cosplayers in costume, this year we expect that number to triple at the very least.

If going to San Diego someday was in your list of life goals, why not try out the Lankan version of it? Looking back at what the Geek Club has done in the previous years, we can be sure that Lanka Comic Con is going to be an amazing event for all geeks. For more info and the latest updates do follow their Facebook event page.



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