What to expect at TEDxColombo 2016: Blueprint for Change


Last year, TEDxColombo was one of the biggest events we saw. This August, TEDxColombo will be back and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before. There’s a killer line up of speakers and it’s expected to attract an even larger crowd.  In case you’re lost, TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or fewer) delivered by today’s leading thinkers and doers. Their motto is “Ideas Worth Spreading” revolves around many scientific, cultural, and academic topics.

Image credits: Ushan Gunasekera

TEDx, on the other hand, is an independently organized TED event. Organized by a set of young dynamic individuals, TEDx too is about expressing your ideas. Today, TEDxColombo is well-known as one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and largest TEDx events having sparked inspiration since 2011. So what can we expect from TEDxColombo this year? Quite a bit.

Understanding the theme: Blueprint for Change

Last year, TEDxColombo organized under the theme of “Reimagining Spaces” saw 550 participants. This year, TEDxColombo is going to be even bigger. The theme of the year is “Blueprint for Change” and the TEDxColombo team is hoping to host over 900 participants. As such, the event will revolve around the concepts of original ideas, challenges, passions, experience and inspirations.

(Image credits: Rommel Arumugam/TEDxColombo)
(Image credits: Rommel Arumugam/TEDxColombo)

The team hopes to help you understand the theme of “Blueprint for Change” and to then try and define it in your own terms. By doing so, the team wants you to think about an idea, and how it has unleashed a method to meet unmet needs. You would be encouraged to question yourself as to what change you can make, be it even on a personal level in order to be able to cope and adapt to the inevitable boom of variation that stands before us. This is what the Blueprint for Change means and to help you in the process the event will feature a bunch of amazing speakers.

The speakers of TEDxColombo 2016

Last year, we saw some top-notch speakers. This year began with the team opening applications to find similarly awesome speakers. After going through a tiring process, which was set by TED and involved a lot of interviews, the TEDxColombo team was finally able to find its speakers. The speaker line-up this year includes individuals who have innovated in their respective fields- ranging from entrepreneurship, legal transparency, ecology, economy, and the arts. Who are they you ask? Here’re your answers.

The speakers of TEDxColombo 2016 (Image credits: Rommel Arumugam/TEDxColombo)
Top (L-R): Asoka Obeyesekere, Chaminda Serasinha, Chandila Fernando, Chinthaka Abeysekera. Bottom (L-R): Michael Ketigian, Ohan Hominis, Shanuki De Alwis, Nissanga Warnapura (Image credits: Rommel Arumugam/TEDxColombo)

Sound exciting?

If you are excited then mark your calendar because TEDxColombo will be hosted at the Nelum Pokuna on the 21st of August 2016 at 3:00pm. Tickets are available now on Takas.lk but make sure you grab them while they last! Last year we saw a massive shortage of tickets and that no matter how much you offered, the organizers won’t be giving away extra seats. In case you are unable to get a ticket, worry not because we will be there to give you all the details as the event unfolds.

Update: Tickets all sold out!

By now we hope you’ve got your hands on a pair of tickets. If you haven’t then we regret to say that tickets for TEDxColombo 2016 have been sold out. The organizers have confirmed that there are no secret tickets that will be released in the future. Every single seat at this year’s TEDxColombo is gone. Don’t worry, as always we’ll be there and will be sharing the ideas of the speakers live, as the event unfolds.


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