You Can Now Use Facebook Messenger With Just Your Phone Number


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First it was the Facebook app. This allowed you to check Facebook on the go and send/receive messages. Then later Facebook and Messenger were released as two separate apps and even via PC, you could just log on to to just check your messages. All these had one thing in common. You needed to have a Facebook account to do so.

Well, not anymore.

As of now, Facebook will allow its’ users to use its messaging app without having the need for a Facebook account. That’s right. You are no longer required to have an active Facebook account to use its messaging app.

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Though only still available for those in the United States, Canada and Venezuela who don’t have Facebook accounts, those citizens will see a “not on Facebook?” option located on the sign-up screen. This allows them to create an account for the app using their name and phone number.

From that point onwards, all of Messenger’s features such as payments, stickers as well as voice and video calls, will be made available to those using Messenger without Facebook.

The primary difference is that when compared to those with an active Facebook account, those who sign up with a phone number will have to rely on their phone’s contacts to find friends on the service rather than choosing from a pool of friends you have added on Facebook. They will also not be able to access messages on the web, as they are a part of Facebook’s web domain.

As of now, no exact time line has been given on as to when this feature will be made available for other countries, but it is probable that they are using the selected countries as a testing ground for the new standalone version of Messenger.


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