Facebook: Region-Specific Pages For Companies


IF you had been managing a global Facebook page for a multi market company, the only option one had was to open separate pages for different countries( i.e x US, x India).

What if there was one page that could handle all multi country posts and contents? Facebook is testing the option to manage region-specific Facebook pages off one central page. So you could just have the brand page ‘x’, then include a drop-down option for which region fans want to go to, with all Likes/fans being centralised to the main page. 

This is currently being trialled on Facebook’s own marketing Page, and doesn’t appear to be live for any other brands yet:


Facebook: Region-Specific Pages For Companies 7


Facebook: Region-Specific Pages For Companies 8

This came around May 24th, and there is no official statement from Facebook regarding this feature nor any other information.  So we don’t think this feature would be realised in near future.


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