Facebook now in සිංහල


Here’s a great moment for millions of Sri Lankans: Facebook, in its entirety, is now available in Sinhala. Go to Settings and you’ll find the option to switch to the mother language: sinhala This promptly switches everything to Sinhala – down from the button text to the emoticons, as demonstrated in the screenshot shared by Rashantha Nanayakkara (see image below). Facebook rolled out this change just yesterday, alongside support for Javanese and Kannada. All languages are written in their native symbol set, so it will take a bit of scrolling to find. This conversion is the result of a great deal of volunteer effort. A small but very dedicated group of users have been painstakingly translation and submitting snippets to the Facebook Translations Team, which spearheads the effort to have Facebook translated into native languages the world over based on user request. sinhala-2



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