Facebook Is Working On An App For Set-Top Boxes


Coming soon to a TV near you: Facebook is apparently working on a video app for set-top boxes such as the Apple TV. The app would feature exclusive content akin to the quality of those seen in regular TV shows. The app has been in development last summer after having dabbled in the idea for a number of years. Despite their plans of pushing live videos, Facebook sees the new app as a chance to showcase content that are both higher in quality and longer in duration. They are also talking with major studios to produce content for the app once it’s released or even before that.

Image Credits: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Facebook’s goal with the app is to boost ad revenue. Currently, videos on the social media platform are short in length and are also experimental live streams, both of which are not so profitable. With the introduction of the new app, it would also allow Facebook to tap into a new ad market as longer videos have a higher rate of generating revenue via ads than the regular videos that are a part of Facebook’s existing content. The newly created shows which would consist of both sports and scripted shows could then incorporate ads and be will be up to 10 minutes in duration.

Apart from that, Facebook is also testing ads that popup halfway through a video as opposed to before the video. These ads would appear after 90 seconds of playback.

As opposed to YouTube’s set-top box app which is focused on searching for your favorite videos, Facebook’s yet-to-be-released app would focus on discovering new content. In case you didn’t know, Facebook also hired Ricky Van Veen, Co-founder of College Humor who supposedly would be in charge of “global creative strategy” and also assist Facebook in developing original content.

Overall, it does make sense for Media companies to work together with Facebook to generate revenue via advertising. Publishers nowadays rely a lot on advertising revenue so they look for larger audiences and sometimes they sacrifice quality as well. So if they are paid directly from the likes of Facebook and other media companies to produce content, that in turn would reduce their dependence on advertising, thus helping them to develop a more profitable business.


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