Fantastic Gadgets And Where To Find Them | January 2018


It’s a new year and you know what that means. It’s time to kick off the 2018 edition of our fantastic gadgets and where to find them. If you haven’t been following the series, the “Fantastic gadgets and where to find them” series aims to highlight those gadgets that we don’t really think we need but actually end up needing. They can also be gadgets that you had been on the lookout for but didn’t know where to get them from.

Well, if you fit into either of the two above mentioned categories, then worry not. We are here to save the day. A few basics though. All gadgets will be LKR 10,000/- and less. Prices are accurate at the time of publishing. Availability of items too is according to where it’s available from so if you see a gadget here you like and it’s not available, chances are that you’ll probably have to wait for said gadgets to be in stock again. Now that all that is sorted, here’s our list for January 2018.

Logitech X50 Bluetooth Speaker

Topping off our list is a new Bluetooth speaker by Logitech. Packing a round shape that is about the diameter of a cup holder, the Logitech X50 Bluetooth speaker features a 3W, 1.5-inch Driver. Packing a 750mAh battery, the X50 is capable of 5 hours of continuous music playback.

Logitech X50 Gadgets
Image Credits: PCMag

If you don’t have a Bluetooth compatible device, you can make use of the auxiliary port along with a 3.5mm extension cable (you’ll have to get that separately). The Logitech X50 is available in colors of Grey, Yellow, Orange and Green.

  • Available at: Redline Technologies, Unity Plaza
  • Price: LKR 5,000/-

Fujitsu SP421 4 Port Surge Protector

For many, this would look like a glorified extension cable that’s not worth a second glance. But in reality, this is a lot more. The Fujitsu SP421 combines the usability of an extension cable with a highly proven surge protector built in. Unlike a UPS, a surge protector cannot provide a battery backup in the event of a power outage.

Fujitsu SP421 GadgetsWhat it can do is to regulate the voltage that it gets so that your components don’t get additional voltage spikes. These can cause harm to delicate components, damaging them and possibly even destroying them. For added usability, the Fujitsu SP421 also packs 2 USB ports that are Qualcomm Quick Charge certified. This means that any smartphone with Quick Charge 3.0 can be charged up in no time at all. The 6 port variant is also available for a slightly higher price.

  • Available at: Redline Technologies, Unity Plaza, Liberty Plaza
  • Price: LKR 5,000/- (4 Port), LKR 6,500/- (6 port)

Razer Abyssus 2000 and Goliathus Mouse Mat Bundle

Now that Razer has found safe haven in Sri Lanka through authorized distributors, we’re beginning to see a lineup of products that wasn’t accessible to us. The Razer Abyssus and Goliathus are one such combo. While the Abyssus 2000 is a 2,000 DPI gaming mouse, the Razer Goliathus is the accompanying mouse mat for the Abyssus.

Razer Abyssus and Goliathus Gadgets
Image Credits: Eventus Sistemi

The Razer Abyssus features a basic 4 button layout (left, right, middle and DPI), a number of lighting effects and an ambidextrous form factor. The Razer Goliathus is a popular mousemat that is available in both Control and Speed surfaces to suit your preference.

  • Available at: Redline Technologies
  • Price: LKR 6,000/-

Arduino Starter Kit 2

An Arduino kit is the perfect gadget for someone who is stepping into the world of electronics and coding. These are single-board microcontrollers and kits for creating devices that can sense and control objects in the real world.

Arduino Starter Kit 2 Gadgets
Image Credits: Arduino.LK

The Arduino Starter Kit 2 offers a Buzzer, Micro Switches, LDR, LM35 Temperature sensor, Resistors, a BC547 Transistor, a 10kohms Preset, Male to Male Jumper Wires, Male to Female Jumper Wires and a 9V Connector for power. The selection for the Arduino Starter Kit 2 is to ensure that you get through the basics of using an Arduino.

Marshall Mode EQ Earphone

The last item on our list of gadgets is by no means the least. If you’re an audiophile or a musician, then you probably know Marshall as a brand. They are famous for their instrument amplifiers and also their lineup of headphones and earphones. The Marshall Mode EQ is one such earphone. It sports Marshall’s signature black and gold look.

Marshall Mode EQ Earphones Gadgets
Image Credits: DigitalTrends

The earphones are designed as in-ears and comprise of 9mm Handmade Drivers. It also packs an inbuilt microphone so that you can answer your calls and a remote to answer calls and play/pause your music. The icing on top of the proverbial cake is the EQ mode that takes the form of a switch on the earphones themselves. All you need to do is to toggle a switch on the earphone and you can select desired EQ mode, sit back and enjoy your music.

  • Available at: Takas.LK
  • Price: LKR 7,000/-

And these are the gadgets for January

Well, there you have it folks. These are the gadgets for the month of January 2018. All the products are available at the time of publishing with accurate prices to match as well. If you own any of these products or are looking to buy one, drop a comment in the section below.


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