Firefly, The Fiery Clothes Of The Future


Wearable technology has been a keen area of interest lately. Sure there are wearables such as smartwatches and even smart shoes. But what about actual clothing? That’s where Firefly comes in.

Say Hello To Firefly

At the recently concluded Wearable Technologies show in San Francisco, Flex and MAS Holdings unveiled a partnership designed to revolutionize wearable technology thus incorporating elements from the Intelligence of Things™ into clothing. This would enable a more streamlined and natural interaction the wearer and the wearable.

As per the partnership, CEO of MAS Holdings, Nathan Sivagananathan announced a new lineup of clothing. Called Firefly activewear clothing, the lineup consists of shirts and safety belts that have inbuilt LED-lighting designed to make daily activities such as running and bicycling a safer thing to do. They also have applications for working on a construction site as well.

How Does Firefly work?

A series of 18 LEDs are embedded into the Firefly smart clothing. These flash in a pattern that resembles a moving person. Current clothing based safety systems rely on methods such as reflectors (which rely on external light sources). The problem here is that a driver in a vehicle may not see the reflector at the correct time.

Image taken from HomeBusinessMag

Flex came onboard as partners, working with MAS Holdings to ensure that the lighting effects on the clothes looks like a person who is riding a bike or walking. As per this, the lights on the Firefly lights show a runner’s moving arms or a bicyclist’s pumping legs. Firefly can be activated with the simple push of a button and can be recharged via USB.

Furthermore, the Firefly has an inbuilt impact detection system as well. The system determines the strength of impact and the LED lights up with detection being determined by color. Green being mild and not a cause for concern, and Red indicating a severe impact that could result in injury and/or concussion.

Apart from this, Flex’s Sketch-to-Scale strategy has also aided partners such as MAS Holdings develop other products such as the Lumo Run line of shirts and shorts.

Image taken from YachtNeeds

The Lumo Run sensor can be attached to your clothing and delivers a feedback of your running form even if your phone is not with you. It also gives you a full analysis of your running form and provides a list of recommended exercises personalized for you you.


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