Foursquare’s Swarm is bringing back stickers and mayorships

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In the beginning, there was foursquare. And it was good. Then came Swarm. And it was confusing. You basically had two apps doing the work of one. With the original Foursquare, you could check in to places. This earned you badges and if you check into the same place on several occasions, and you’re lucky enough, you also got mayorships.

This all changed when Foursquare split into two apps, Foursquare and Swarm. This also reduced the amount of social features. Yes, you could still earn a mayorship, but it was limited to your friends rather than anyone who visited that location.

The reasoning behind the split according to the company, was that they were focused on helping users locate their friends nearby easily for meetups and to hang out. Though this seemed logical at first, it later craved more features, mainly the mayorship and sticker feature.

Swarm, attempting to be the original Foursquare seemed to make sense at the time as it would provide a method of gamification. People had incentives to check in to places and gain stickers. It worked, to a certain extent.

Now it appears that the comeback is indeed real. The company behind Foursquare has announced that users can now earn stickers, which are similar to badges, based on their check-ins. It also plans on reintroducing mayorships.

As such 100 new stickers, some based on the original Foursquare are being rolled out to users. Along with the stickers, come new challenges. So when you check in, you unlock stickers. From there, you can show off the unlocked stickers by adding them to check-ins, photos, or send them in messages.



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