FriMi can now help split the bill with your friends


Splitting a bill after a good meal with your friends can be complicated at best or a nightmare at worst. After all, nobody carries exact change to pay the exact amount for what they ordered. This is why in the US, apps like Venmo have risen in popularity. With a few taps, the app allows its users to easily transfer money and split bills down to the cent. And now
FriMi is bringing this same feature to Sri Lanka.

This can apply to any kind of bill. Be it at a restaurant, at the theater, at the supermarket, or anywhere else. You can split any kind of bill with FriMi. But to understand how it works, let’s assume that you’re out having dinner with your friends. Once you’re done with the meal, the bill arrives. You decide to pay for the entire bill, which FriMi allows you to do by scanning a QR code or the debit card it issues.  

Just scan the QR code and pay for a pizza (Image credits: FriMi)

Afterward, you can send a request to your friends asking to split the bill. You can do this by tapping on the bill split icon. Once you do, enter the total amount of the bill and then select the friends with whom you wish to split the bill. You can choose to split it equally or enter the amounts owed accordingly.

As an option, you can add a picture of the bill or comment before the sending the request.  Once your friends receive the request to split the bill, they can approve it, and transfer the money into your FriMi account. Just like that, in a few taps, you and your friends have split a bill seamlessly.

The basic guide to splitting the bill with FriMi (Image credits: FriMi)

Needless to say, this is a handy feature by FriMi. After all, nobody carries exact change, which is what makes bill splitting complicated. Even if you and your friends are carrying a card, it’s time consuming as you wait for each card to be swiped one by one. But now with a few taps, FriMi solves this problem and makes it a simple task. And it’s a positive step forward as it was only recently that the app began letting you pay for your fuel with it.

But what’s the catch to this new bill splitting feature? The only one is that all of your friends have to be using FriMi. So the next time you’re hanging out with your friends, ask them to download the app to make splitting the bill simple.


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