FriMi By NTB Wants To Be Your Digital Lifestyle Partner


We reviewed NTB’s mobile banking app a while ago. The app was essentially a one stop hub for all your bank related queries if you had an NTB account. Today we’ll be looking at another app by NTB. This is FriMI by NTB. Available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, FriMi is essentially a digital lifestyle partner. Launched officially on the 30th of June 2017, FriMi kicked off its launch with a 60% discount at Odel for all users. Curious to see what all the fuss regarding FriMi was about, we decided to download the app and give it a go. Here’s what we found out.

The only digital lifestyle partner you’ll ever need?

One key point that should be highlighted is that FriMi is available to anyone. So even if you don’t have an NTB bank account, you can still enjoy all the features of the app. Once you download and install the app, you are required to sign up for a FriMi account or login to an existing account. If you’re signing up for an account, you will be required to enter your personal details such as Name, NIC, Date of Birth, employment etc.

The thorough but slightly lengthy sign up process of FriMi

Once all those details are entered, you will have to create a unique FriMi ID in order to use the service. The ID also works as your bank account. From there, you can add advanced security features such as setting up a fingerprint to login (if your device supports it), a PIN code or even a trusted voice or face so that you can activate the app and login.

You can either scan your NIC, Passport or Driving License

Another interesting feature that we found is that you can use FriMi to open up a bank account completely online without the need to go to a physical bank. They also offer a better interest rate when compared to other banks. This is possibly to ensure that they keep ahead of the competition During the setup process of your account, a unique virtual Debit Card will be generated for your account. The balance of the debit card is kept separate. In order to top up the balance of the FriMi debit card, you can either transfer funds from your NTB account, ask a friend to top it up for you via their FriMi account or you can visit your nearest bank and top it up. The purpose of the virtual debit card will be explained later on. Once all that is done, you’re ready to begin using the app

Using the FriMi App

The main interface is simple and quite polished. At the top of the screen you will see your available balance in your FriMi account. Right below that you have three options: you can request cash, make a payment, or send funds/cash.

The main screen of FriMi


Requesting Money

Simply add the amount you wish to request (in LKR). Then enter the FriMi ID or Mobile number of the contact you wish to make the request from. Lastly, you can add a description to help you keep track of why you asked for the money. You can also request money from another person via their account by using the QR code. Simply scan and by point his phone camera (like taking a picture) and scan the QR.

Requesting funds via FriMi

Making a Payment

There are many ways to make a payment. Simply touch the “Pay” option on the home screen, the first screen you see is your FriMi virtual Debit card which was setup and explained above. You can use the virtual debit card to make payments, If you have Cards or Account with NTB and have added them into FriMi, you will be able to use them as by scrolling left and right and selecting instrument your choice.

Requesting funds via FriMi

Thereafter, all you have to do is to enter the amount that you wish to pay, add a description of the payment and then select one of the payment methods. These include scanning via a QR code, phone contact, paying a utility bill and finally a fund transfer (where you can send money to anybody you may have Bank Account).

Sending Money

If you find yourself short on cash to pay for something, then you can use this option. Simply press the “Send” button and insert the amount you wish send (in LKR). Then enter the FriMi ID or just the Mobile number of the contact you wish to send the money to. In order to keep track of things, add a description and press the “Send Now” button and you’re good to go, literally.

Sending Money via FriMi

If the person is not another FriMi user he will get Cash Token as SMS to his phone where he can go to any Nations Trust Bank branch, ATM or appointed cash dealers to withdraw the cash. You don’t need to have account with any bank to receive money from FriMi.

Using FriMi for Purchases

Keep an eye out for “FriMi Hangs out here” stickers at selected retailers and merchants to know which of them accepts FriMi, you may not find many now, but that number is expected to grow in the future. Topping up your account can be done in one of three ways. You can ask another FriMi user to for some cash, transfer money to you account from another bank, use an NTB Cash deposit machine or simply visit your nearest bank branch (any bank, to be precise).

FriMi NTBSince it’s a bank account you can pretty much give those details to anyone and get it money transferred to it. if you already have a NTB bank account you can easily top up your account from that account as well. As we mentioned before, each FriMi account is a savings account with Nations Trust Bank. This means that the balance of your  account has an interest rate added to it, making it an investment as well.

Payments made easier with FriMi

As we said earlier, you can use your FriMi account to pay at a wide range of merchants and retailers. In order to make a payment, all you have to do is to walk up to the checkout counter and then use your NFC enabled mobile phone to make the payment. If your device doesn’t have NFC, you can scan the QR code or enter the merchant’s FriMi ID to the cashier. Furthermore, the app can also act as a locator to find the nearest ATMs, CDMs, retail merchants and agents within close proximity to the user. This is done by clicking the small GPS icon located towards the right side of the app.

In conclusion

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to make payments, you can go ahead and download the FriMi app and give it a go. If you already have an NTB account, then the process is slightly easier, but nonetheless, it’s relatively easy to use once you get the hang of it. The added security features mean that your details are also secure. In fact, the app actually logs you out after a while of inactivity, which is certainly a feature that we approve of. Hats off to the developers for another good app.


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