The Fuegosticka Chronicles: Part Two


When we last left, Haliborange’s game was booting up. We’re seeing it in action right now: a combination puzzle-platformer that has the user moving mirrors around to allow a character to progress through the level – said goal being to rescue his father, a  professor who has been captured. It’s been built using Sierra Construct 2. HTML5, therefore it runs on Windows just as well as it does on Android – theoretically.

Haliborange claims to have a unique concept based on the concept of light physics. Light physics is nothing new. Stealth Bastard, the hit indie game, comes to mind here. Nevertheless, Hostage Rescue has a solid if not entirely innovative concept, and more, the team has clearly thought out a bit about level design and marketing, especially on the Android platform. Unlike the previous team, these guys have the app on Android for the judges to try out. The Android game is almost unplayable. They’re on the process of optimizing it.


Next up is Nova’s Chandee. Which sounds a … which IS, actually, an online and offline fighting game. It’s a foursquare-meets-Mortal Kombat spin: a person may fight with another person (virtually, mind you, virtually) from that area – and the top fighter for that area is the “Chandee” of that area. Players level up as they fight, and the arenas are apparently going to be real geographical areas.

Sounds interesting? 

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