The Fuegosticka Chronicles: Part One


If you’ve been paying attention to our Twitfeed, you’ll know that the ReadMe team hit Fuegosticka a few hours ago. Right now we’re seated behind the judges, listening to a team called “Java NOOBS” presenting a game rather reminiscent of Temple Run. Before we get into this, let’s have a look at what’s been happening so far. 

To start off, Fuegosticka is a game development-cum-collaboration project brought to life by the multinational  AIESEC – more specifically, the Sri Lankan branch of it. Right now, this event is taking place at the Information Technology Center of the University of Moratuwa.

It’s a much of a cultural exchange event as anything – there’s students from various nationalities participating together, present here today to make this happen. Teams of fairly nervous young game developers are pitching their ideas to a team of judges from quite a few related aspects of the industry – notably Gihan Fernando, founder of GTS (Colombo Ride, anyone?), Rajiv Shivanshankar, head of Eglobe Solutions, and Nalin de Abrew of Dialog’s Portal Product Management arm. The first few hours have seen three presentations, the third of which was quite good, and after lunch, we’re facing few more. The judges are grilling each team on various aspects  – their development, business models, and so on…


The Java NOOBs are facing a comparison with Temple Run. While not entirely polished, it’s a start and these four guys and girl intend to keep polishing their game until it’s release-ready. Currently, the game appears in alpha state. There’s certainly a great deal of talent behind what seems, for the moment, to be a crude gameplay model. 

The next team, Haliborange, kicks of with a gung-ho presentations that looks to be one of the best so far – business like and with no beating around the bush: their game’s called Hostage Rescue. They’re the fastest to get to the demo. Artwise, they look to have one of the best, most coherent games we’ve seen so far…

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