The Fuegosticka Chronicles: Part Three


When we last left off, the candidates were demo’ing their games to the judges. After a brief break for tea, everybody returns to their places. We expected the judges’ decisions to be announced, but returning to the stage are the Delvik coders, who’ve created an XML-based platform for stat-based game development. They ran into technical issues on their previous attempt.

This time around, their presentation goes well. Their entry, however, does not seem to qualify as a game – it’s more of a parser / game engine than an actual interactive game.


After a thorough round of questions, the judges hand over their scoresheets. A few quick peeks over the scoresheets revealed that points were given not just for the game, but for the candidates’ presentation, business plan, viability and so on – literally every factor needed for a commercially successful app. Let’s not beat around the bush: it was a suspense-filled moment (for the teams, at least) – and the first name to be called out as 2nd runner up was Team Maya, creators of a game called Bounce it.

Gembi Shoot by Elasmobranchii  – a rather enjoyable game with a quirky name – clocked in at 2nd place. And finally, taking the crown was the much anticipated winner – Haliborange, with their game named Hostage Rescue. Their confidence in presentation and originality of the game took top marks. And the huge bag of goodies from Dialog, the prizes and the equipment sponsorship from E-globe was quite a fair trade for the show Haliborange put up.

Afterwards, it was time to wrap up and go home. We were treated to a very moving Chinese song by one of the foreign interns  – all the more so for its meaning: and we quote – “When you miss us, and when we miss you, look up at the moon, for it’s the same moon that we all see.”


The teams jumped in to their congratulatory photoshoots soon after, the AIESEC CS committee to their farewells, and we signed out looking forward to a bigger and better Fuegosticka 2014!

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