Could the Fuze Card Be the One Card To Rule Them All?


Take a good look at your wallet and count the number of cards you have. These can be Credit or Debit cards, Membership cards, attendance cards or even Gift cards. Notice how many cards you have? Ever truly wish that you could have one card to rule them all? Well, your prayers might just be answered in a few months.

Meet the Fuze Card

Developed by BrilliantTS, a South Korean company, the Fuze Card is an all-in-one electronic smartcard capable of storing details of upto 30 individual cards, be it a credit/debit card, ATM card, gift card or loyalty/membership card.

Fuze Card
Image Credits: DesignBoom

Just like a regular card, the Fuze card has a Magstripe on the back and also has the option for a re-writable EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chip. Actual compatibility with your card depends on the individual agreement with banks. It also supports NFC for contactless payments so you can literally tap your card and be off with your goods. Measuring almost the same dimensions of a regular credit card and weighing almost the same, the Fuze Card has a small ePaper display on the right bottom, along with 3 buttons. The buttons are used for purposes such as setting up the Fuze Card, selecting which card to use and also setting up security measures to ensure that your Fuze Card isn’t used by unauthorized persons.

Linking your Cards to the Fuze Card

In terms of connectivity, the Fuze Card connects via Bluetooth to either an Android or iOS app with verification. The app has separate sections to enter details for either a Payment card or a membership card. You can either enter Card details via swiping, a barcode, or direct input by typing in the Credit/Debit card number. If you are swiping your relevant card into the Fuze Card, you can use the supplied dock that connects to the 3.5mm Audio port.

If your device lack a 3.5mm port, you will have to use the relevant adapter as the dock only has the option for that particular port. Once your card is swiped, the details are saved and immediately wirelessly transferred to your Fuze Card for use. If your card has a barcode, then by using your smartphone’s camera, you can scan the barcode and save the details. Last but not least, you can enter in your card number the old fashioned way; by typing it in.

Fuze Card
Image Credits: FuzeCard

Once your card details have been entered, you can assign a name to each card so you can keep track of it. In addition, the packaging for the Fuze Card also includes a microUSB charging dock which supports fast charging. When fully charged, the Fuze Card has a battery life of 30 days. In order to conserve energy, the card also goes into a power saving mode.

Keeping things under lock and key

The Fuze Card comes with 3 levels of security. Firstly, you can use it as you would a regular card. Level Two is where the Fuze Card requires an active connection with your smartphone and Level Three security takes it a step further with a lost card detection and alert system. So if your Fuze Card goes out of the range of your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection, the phone app will generate an alert.

Fuze Card
Image Credits: FuzeCard

The Fuze Card also takes things a step further by having a tap code where you can record 6 key presses using any combination of the 3 buttons on the card. Handing your card over for a one time payment? Just select your preferred card and hand over your card for the payment. The Fuze card will automatically lock itself after the transaction is complete. It also has location tracking so you’ll know if you’ve left your card behind or if it has been stolen. If the latter occurs, you can use the remote wipe feature of the Fuze Card and all your personal data will be instantly wiped from your Fuze card.

How can I get a Fuze Card?

Currently, the Fuze Card is on Indegogo starting off at USD 89 plus shipping for the basic card and USD129 plus shipping for the Card with an EMV chip. The former is expected to be available by July 2017 whilst the latter will be available by January 2018. If one were to visit the Indegogo page for the Fuze card, you would also notice that even to the goal for the project was to raise USD50,000, they have actually raised a whopping USD1,053,490 which is 2107% of the actual goal.

How viable is the Fuze Card for Sri Lanka?

That indeed is an interesting question. For starters, Sri Lanka is yet to fully embrace the idea of electronic payment. Try as you might, a majority of Sri Lankans still prefer to be paid in cash. This holds true for even services such as PickeMe and Uber going to the extent that drivers actually complain that the selected payment method was via card and not cash.

As per the details on the Indegogo page, card compatibility depends on the individual agreements with banks. For whatever reason, if a Bank declines to support the Fuze Card, and you don’t have any cash with you, you’re in a spot of trouble.

Next up is the actual card itself. Forking over close to LKR 13,600 for a device that can store all your card details in one go might seem interesting to some( such as myself), but others may prefer to keep their cards as it is and continue on with their lives. Indeed it would make life immensely easier for me as I don’t have to carry around as many cards as I originally would. As the Fuze Card has a number of security features as well, I needn’t worry about unauthorized use of the card either. The problem lies, however, if I lose the card. It can be wiped, but it also essentially means that I would need to purchase another one if I want to use it again.

All in all, the Fuze Card does seem to be the end of all the clutter caused by numerous cards in one’s wallet. If proper payment gateways and methods are setup, then it would indeed be a welcome solution for online transactions.

Would you get a Fuze Card? Do you think its viable for Sri Lanka? Leave a comment below.


  1. it’s a good idea that allan invented that card so you do not have to go with so many cards on top I would like to buy one but I have not found it where to buy it can you help me buy it


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