On the Lookout for Some Gadgets? Give These A Shot


Greetings, folks. We’re almost at the end of September. While that also means that October is nearly upon us, it also gives us the chance to bring you some interesting gadgets that we found. So what exactly did we find? Well read on and find out

Huawei E5573 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

If like me, you use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your friends or even for your own Wi-Fi enabled devices, you can get yourself one of these. Simply pop any 3G or 4G SIM card into it and you’re good to go. We recommend activating a data plan on the SIM card so that you can use it for an extended period of time rather than just topping it up.

The Huawei E5573 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot (Image Credits: YouTube)

The device can connect up to 10 devices and has a download speed of up to 150mbps coupled with an upload speed of 50mbps. It comes with a 1500mAh battery so you can have an internet connection literally wherever you go. If the device is running low on battery, simply connect it to a USB port or charger and you’re good to go.

  • Available at: Takas.lk/Huawei authorized resellers and distributors
  • Price: LKR 6,000/-

Energizer Energy 100

We took a look at an Energizer smartphone some time ago. At the time, it really was the toughest smartphone we had. The Energizer Energy 100 is a feature phone that is almost as tough. It packs a 2.4” Color display, has support for dual SIMs or one SIM plus a MicroSD card and has a VGA camera as well. The device also has a 1,500 mAh battery.

The Energizer Energy 100 (Image Credits: Energize)

That’s not the best part. Much like it’s elder sibling, the Energizer Energy 100 is IP54 rated. This means that the device has a high level of protection against particles and a fair amount of protection against water as well. So if you’re looking for a phone that can take more than a fair share of water and dust, you can give the Energizer Energy 100 a go.

  • Available at: Wow.lk (You also get a free Dialog SIM as well)
  • Price: LKR 6,590/-

Anker SoundBuds Digital IE10 Earphones

If you’re using a device that has no 3.5mm port but only has a lightning port and you want to listen to music, you might consider opting for a wireless headset. Or you can get this gadget.

The Anker SoundBuds Digital IE10 Earphones (Image Credits: Gigazine)

The Ander Soundbuds feature a lightning connectivity backed by a DAC processor inbuilt to deliver high fidelity sound. The design also ensures noise isolation as well. The earphones are also IPX5 certified so you can wear them to the gym or even in the rain and they will still work. The customizable EarTips and InEar Hooks make sure that the Anker SoundBuds latch on to your ears whilst also being comfortable.

  • Available at: Takas.lk
  • Price: LKR 5,250/-

Zeppelin Coffee House Display with Power Bank

Now, this is something you don’t see every day. This is essentially a display with a built-in power bank along with 4 USB ports. The display can be used to advertise your products or a menu, making it the ideal gadget to have at a restaurant or café.

The Zeppelin Coffee House Display with Power Bank (Image Credits: YouTube)

Packing a 10,000mAh battery it is compatible with literally any device that supports USB charging. As an added feature, the Zeppelin Coffee House Display also comes with a security wire so that you can stabilize the power bank and keep the advertisement or menu upright.

  • Available at: Daraz.lk
  • Price: LKR 6,600/-

Remax CX-03 Full HD Dual Camera

If you find yourself in an accident, having a record of exactly what happened can help prove your innocence. So then why not get a Dash Cam for your vehicle? The Remax CX-03 features a high-resolution wide angle lens capable of capturing up to Full HD video. In addition, it can also capture images of up to 12 megapixels.

The Remax CX-03 Full HD Dual Camera (Image Credits: YouTube)

The device packs a microphone and speaker as well and can be mounted either to the front windscreen of your vehicle or to the rear. It also comes with a dual port Charger kit so you can connect the device to your car charger port and also charge your smartphone at the same time as well.

  • Available at: Takas.lk
  • Price: LKR 10,810/-

And that’s our pick for gadgets this month

There you have it, folks. These are some gadgets that we found interesting for the month of September. If you have any gadgets that you think should be added to our list, please do let us know in the comments section.


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