Empowering Village Communities With Gamata Technology


Empowering communities to use technology is a key step if we want Sri Lanka to be a digitally empowered country. But what if a community cannot access technology? Well, that’s what Gamata Technology aims to overcome. But what is Gamata Technology?

Simply put, Gamata Technology is an accelerator aimed at empowering communities across Sri Lanka via technology. Aimed at supporting technology experts and youth entrepreneurs in rural areas, the Gamata Technology platform would help those who lack opportunities, with an entrepreneurial environment. This environment would encourage collaboration, foster job creation and provide connections to local and International resources.

Gamata Technology
Dr. Ashan Perera presenting the concept of Gamata Technology at the launch event (Image Credits: PR Wire)

The Gamata Technology platform will be officially launched on the 14th October 2018 at Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre. Present at the launch would be young entrepreneurs, leading tech companies, and well-known personalities. In addition, there would also be locals from 19 Districts across Sri Lanka present as well.

Overall, over 1000 individuals from all parts of the country are expected to be in attendance. Why the launch is at a prestigious theatre rather than an actual village is not yet explained, but we’re sure the organizers have a valid explanation for this.

What exactly are we looking for with this platform?

Well, as we said earlier, the Gamata Technology platform would serve as an accelerator and perhaps even an incubator. As such, we can expect to see pretty much the same we would see in a regular accelerator. The difference being that it would be located in rural areas to introduce technology to these communities.

Further, the platform would also provide learning opportunities and income generation as well. In addition, those who are a part of the platform will have a platform to express their concerns and opinions and participate in the decision-making process as well.

Gamata Technology
An example of how Gamata Technology can empower rural villagers with technology (Image Credits: SPS

At the launch event, Dr. Ashan Perera explained that “The main aim of Gamata Technology is to provide people with a comfortable platform to engage with the rapidly growing and changing technology landscape and helping communities to realize the value of what technology builds”.

He also added that unfortunately, most of the digitization process has been limited to urbanized and industrialized areas. With the private sector focusing to address this issue, it is now possible to introduce these same technologies to rural and village areas as well.

Will the Gamata Technology platform work out?

Well, that all depends on how the participants use technology. Would they build startups with it? Would they build solutions to solve problems in their community? Take for example the ImagineIF workshops organized by the ICTA. Despite being hend out of Colombo, the most recent workshop had over 200 participants. So it’s quite apparent that there are people who are willing to take part in programs of this nature.

Gamata Technology
A snapshot of the Imagine IF workshop held in Batticaloa (Image Credits: Mohammed Fawaz)

Overall, the Gamata Technology platform is a commendable project. We hope to see it ushering in a new wave of tech-entrepreneurs from across Sri Lanka. You can check out their Facebook page to stay up to date with their progress.


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