GamerFest ’17 Starts a New Era of Fighting Games


GamerFest ’17 powered by SLT was organized by Phoenix GaminG along with Spectre (a Networking Students’ batch from ICBT) on the 12th August at the ICBT City Campus Auditorium. While GamerFest had the standard line up of team and individual games, there were two new titles introduced and they created their fair share of cheers from the entire event.

GamerFest announced 9 competitive titles. The team games were DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, and Call of Duty 4. Towards the slightly less stressful side of individual titles, FIFA 17, Project Cars, and for the first time in Sri Lanka, Injustice 2 and Tekken 7 were announced as official titles. However, CSGO and Project Cars had to be cancelled from the tournament making it only 7 competitive titles to take part in.

GamerFest happened in three ways. A majority of team games had online qualifiers and proceeded to LAN matches from the semifinal stage. Overwatch was played completely online all the way to the final. Individual games were kept at LAN during the main event at ICBT. With this linear structure, GamerFest was able to finish everything within one day rather than extending to two days.

Qualifying matches of COD 4, DOTA 2, and League of Legends commenced online from the first week of August. COD once again had the biggest draw with 31 registered teams, followed by League of Legends with 17 teams, and DOTA 2 with 13 teams. Most of the top teams representing the organizers – Phoenix GaminG, n00b Alliance, Xiphos eSports, and Tech Morph were seen in the draws.

Pew, pew and more pew

From COD 4, it was PnX| Inside Gaming, PnX|Team Phoenix, nA.Team Phase 2.0, and nA.Team Spite that reached the main event. DOTA 2 & League of Legends only called in 3 teams as it was on double-elimination format. It was PnX|Indomitus, nA.Infinity Gaming, and Division 9 who qualified for DOTA 2 while PnX|Lanka Lions, PnX|Sleeping Forest, and TM|ABCD qualified for League of Legends.

The main started off with Team Phoenix facing off against Team Phase in COD 4. Team Phase took off an early advantage securing a few rounds. Team Phoenix also gave the fight they came to give trying to bridge the gap. However, the last bullets were shot and it was Team Phase who got the victory over Team Phoenix to a 13-7 score.

Image Credits: PnX GamingG

The second match of the day was also between PnX and nA. It was Team Spite from nA against PnX Inside Gaming. This match was more towards nA’s favor from the start. With a prominent performance and a clean devastation, Team Spite defeated Inside Gaming 13-3 to move on to the final.

The grand finals of COD 4 turned out to be a battle between two n00b Alliance teams. Team Phase and Team Spite’s war was intense. While Team Spite tried to get early kills and keep a few rounds ahead of Team Phase, they didn’t let any rounds go so easily. In a decisive finale, Team Spite defeated their formidable enemy to a 13-8 score to become the champions of COD 4 at GamerFest!

nA. Team Spite accepting their award
Image Credits: Phoenix GaminG

Defending their ancients

Due to a tight schedule, Infinity Gaming had to give a one game advantage to their opponents, Division 9 in the best of 3 matches lower-bracket final as they delayed to team up. Starting off with a 0-1 disadvantage, Infinity Gaming made a comeback in the series by outplaying Division 9 in the remaining two games to make it to the grand finale against Indomitus.

Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, none of the games played on the main stage were projected live for the audience to watch. Only those who camped behind the players and those who streamed it online could watch the DOTA 2 and COD4 matches live. However, it did not stop the projector from playing the SLT eSports jingle every once in a while.
Moving forward to the DOTA 2 finals, Infinity Gaming came back up to face the top-bracket defenders, PnX|Indomitus. It was a face-off of two of the newly most prominent teams in Sri Lanka. Indomitus stood dominant with a Faceless Void, Outworld Devourer, and Weaver combination against Infinity’s Sven, Legion’s Commander, and Necrophos line up. In a short 30mins match, Indomitus took the first victory off Infinity in the best of 3 games series.

The second game was not so different. A godlike Puck, Drow Ranger, and Earthshaker from Indomitus annihilated Inifnity’s team with Tinker, Troll Warlord, and Nature’s Prophet within 32 minutes. Thus, Indomitus defeated Infinity Gaming to a 2-0 series to become the DOTA 2 champions of the night.

PnX|Indomitus accepting their award
Image Credits: Phoenix GaminG

Some legendary battles took place

League of Legends was the last team game to be played during the event. The first match was the lower-bracket final between PnX|Sleeping Forest and TM|Team ABCD. With sleek jukes and powerful team plays, Sleeping Forest managed to defeat Team ABCD to make it to the final.

Image Credits: PnX GamingG

Waiting in the top-bracket was PnX|Lanka Lions who had to face PnX|Sleeping Forest in the grand finale. It was a best of 3 games series and the last set of team games for the night. Lanka Lions secured the first victory without much trouble. They were one victory away from becoming the champions. Sleeping Forest gave a maximum effort to counterattack Lanka Lion’s aggressive draft. However, the effort was not enough. Lanka Lions defeated Sleeping Forest to a 2-0 series to win the League of Legends title.

PnX|Lanka Lions accepting their award
Image Credits: Phoenix GaminG

Round One, FIGHT!

While all this happened, the newly introduced Tekken 7 stole the spotlight. Gathering a total draw of 17 participants, Tekken 7 had former Tekken Tag Tournament 2 champions, Mortal Kombat players, along with new faces as well. The bracket was in double-elimination format. Former champions PnX|Turbo and PnX|AR took the attention of the draw in the early stages. In addition, PnX|Leon tried his hand at Tekken 7 and was matched against the former champion, Turbo.

What started off as Leon messing around with Turbo slowly evolved into a fully-fledged match that had the crowd cheering for both parties. Leon beat Turbo and gained a victory in the best of 3 matches series. And even eliminated Turbo from the top-bracket. It was by far quite a hyped moment for a debuted title in the history of fighting games in Sri Lanka!

From there, Leon went on to defeat PnX|Rider as well, but sadly his luck ran out and a new face, PnX|Lunatic_Fringe stole his spot. The all-rounder, PnX|GrimmJow remained in the top-bracket till the very end. New faces of Tekken, PnX|Morpheus and PnX|LunaticFringe kept up as well. PnX|Binura was also seen among the last few remaining as a new face of Tekken. Facing them were the experienced players, PnX|AR and PnX|Striker.

GrimmJow vs Morpheus

In the end, it was GrimmJow and Morpheus who managed to proceed to the final rounds. GrimmJow took his Marshal Law pick against Morpheus’ nicely eyebrowed Feng pick. It was a best of 5 games series with a set advantage to GrimmJow. GrimmJow’s assault of low and high kick combinations were equally fought back with Morepheus’s low bending and fighting style. While Morpheus managed to gain rounds off GrimmJow, it was not enough to defeat him completely. GrimmJow to a 3-1 score, defeated Morpheus to become the first Tekken 7 champion of Sri Lanka!

PnX|GrimmJow accepting his award
Image Credits: Phoenix GaminG

A battle of the Gods

Alongside Tekken 7, Injustice 2 also debuted in Sri Lanka. Similarly, Injustice 2 also had a double-elimination draw of 17 participants. This time, it was a majority of Xiphos eSports participants who took the highlight of the draw. After the first round, only the Tekken runner-up, Morpheus remained as a non-x3 member in the top-bracket. Fighting him were the Mortal Kombat X pros, Stronghold, Black Mamba, Zombi3, Sinister, Jaeger, RedWire, and RassyCzar.

Image Credits: PnX GamingG

Sinister on his Aquaman played very distantly and zoned his opponents significantly well. His zoning only came to be defeated in the lower-bracket final against Morpheus’ Superman’s laser eye spams. Defeating Sinister, Morpheus reached the final of Injustice 2 against Zombi3. It was a close and cold final, literally. Zombi3 with a Captain Cold pick brought close quarters against Morpheus’ Superman, making it hard to project lasers. In a very close finale, Zombi3 defeated Morpheus to become the first Injustice 2 champion in Sri Lanka!

Kicking things up a notch

FIFA 17 once again attracted the most number of participants for an individual title. In a single-elimination bracket of 29 participants, Phoenix GaminG once again stayed prominent in terms of performance and numbers. This time around, it was PnX|Sharpshooter and PnX|Venom who did exceptionally well to reach the final. Their match lived up to the showdown of two pro players. Sharpshooter took an early lead and kept the pressure on Venom. However, Venom also scored his goal and brought himself back into the game. Yet, Venom’s comeback effort was not enough as Sharpshooter scored a total of 3 goals against Venom. Thus, Sharpshooter became the FIFA champion of GamerFest ’17.

Heroes never die!

In terms of online matches, Overwatch happened in a double-elimination draw of 6 teams. The reigning champions, x3.NoobsWithAttitudes (NwA), took part along with renowned teams PnX|Syndicate and nA.Blackwatch together with several other teams as well. NwA kept their game very strong right from the start. They defeated Syndicate in the top bracket to reserve their seat in the final. However, the matches heated up in the lower-bracket with Syndicate facing Blackwatch. In the best of 3 games series, Falca on a swift Genji picking fast kills combined with a Pharah supported by a Mercy got the first game into Blackwatch’s name.

The dragon blade was unleashed

The second game was in Route 66. Blackwatch on the attack first pushed the payload all the way to the end without having much issues. It was Syndicate’s time to push back. Syndicate struggled. Time was running out and the payload was just near the second checkpoint. Just when they were about to lose the overtime, Syndicate’s support Wolfx switched from Mercy to an infamous Tracer just to keep the game going. Syndicate was on solo support. They reached the second checkpoint and had very little time added.

That added time ran out fast. Syndicate was pushing the payload on overtime. About for two minutes, Syndicate pushed recklessly. Mythical on a flashy Genji and Yato on Window Maker created crazy space for the rest of the team to push. Pushing continuously in overtime, Syndicate reached the end of the map to push to another round. The extra round came and Syndicate got the most of it to win the 2nd game of the series to push it into a 3rd final game.

Image Credits: PnX GamingG

The last game was Numbani with Syndicate attacking. A Genji vs Genji battle kept the map very busy. Syndicate with their safe picks pushed aggressively and reached the end. Blackwatch giving their best effort kept the payload moving as well. They pushed it all the way very close to the final checkpoint. Just few meters before the end, Syndicate was able to stop them once and for all to defend their point and grab their slot in the grand finale.

It’s High Noon!

The grand finale was once again between NwA and Syndicate. Unfortunately, the match was not streamed due to technical issues happening at the GamerFest main event. However, the results were confirmed as NoobsWithAttitude won the best of 5 games series against Syndicate to a 3-0 clear score to continue their winning streak as the best team in Sri Lanka.

With that, GamerFest ’17 came to an end

Overall, GamerFest was indeed a series of games filled with amazing moments, historical moments, and endless cheers. With that, GamerFest ’17 concluded successfully bringing a new era to fighting games in Sri Lanka. From now on, expect updates from Tekken 7 and Injustice 2 as the battles will only get better. The end of the year is close and so is the start of the gaming season. Stay with us for the latest updates from the best of Lankan eSports.



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