Ye (new) Gaming Mouse Buying Guide for 2018


A gaming mouse isn’t defined by the number of buttons, lights or the highest DPI it’s capable of. Simply put, a ‘gaming mouse’ is any mouse that is built using specialized components that improve your experience and performance in any gaming related task using your mouse. In our previous guides, we’ve covered some of the key features that affect the performance of your mouse.

Ye (new) Gaming Mouse Buying Guide for 2018 3
A good gaming mouse can work wonders (Image credits: GadgetAdda)

So how do our recommendations work? Because picking a mouse suitable for your hand is a very personal decision, we aren’t going to recommend a ‘best’ mouse in any category. Rather, we’ll do the research for you and offer a selection of options which we believe are the best in each price segment.

We haven’t gotten around to trying every single mouse available in the market. So there might be a few omissions that we hope to fill over time.

Best gaming mouse under Rs 2,000/=

At this price, you are looking at a budget gaming mouse that gets the job done with minimum functionality. This is also the price range that you need to be extremely careful when picking a mouse, as there are dozens of cheap ‘gaming’ looking mice that offer lights and colors at the expense of the core function – being a good mouse.

Logitech B100

What’s the lowest you should pay for a gaming capable mouse? Rs 1,000? Surely, this is too low for a gaming mouse right? Right? Well, yes. However, there is one everyday mouse that does the job better than most cheap ‘gaming’ mice (the kind that light up in a billion colors and do little else) we’ve tried. Meet the Logitech B100.

Logitech B100 ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
The Logitech B100

Specs wise it’s nothing special, with an 800 DPI sensor being the only thing to note. However, it is incredibly accurate to the point where you can’t buy a proper gaming mouse with better accuracy for under Rs 2,000/=. This mouse is also included in the Logitech MK120 and MK200 combo products, so it might be worth picking up one of them if you are building a new budget rig. If you are looking for a cheap fix for your mouse problems, the Logitech B100 is the way to go.

Rapoo PRO V16

Rapoo PRO V16 ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
The Rapoo PRO V16

The PRO V16 by Rapoo ticks all the boxes for a gaming mouse at the lowest possible price. A 2000 DPI high accuracy sensor – check, 5 buttons – check, and colorful lights – check. Despite having a higher DPI sensor though, it’s not necessarily more accurate than a lowly Logitech B100. But it reaches minimum acceptable standards. Despite having 5 buttons, there’s no software support, so you cannot reprogram their functions outside a game.

Best gaming mice for under Rs 4,000/=

Around Rs 4,000/= gets you a capable gaming mouse that does the job while looking the part as well. These mice are perfect for any type of casual gaming or extended hours of work. Some are even capable enough to cover as budget competitive gaming options. If you aren’t interested in taking part in competitive e-sports, a mouse in this range will serve your needs quite well.

Logitech G102

Just a few years ago if someone asked you to buy a gaming mouse with a 6000 DPI sensor, RGB lighting and an inbuilt 32-bit ARM processor along with 5 programmable buttons, your wallet and bank account would have a mini heart attack. The G102 offers all of these for just Rs 4,000/= along with the legendary Logitech reliability.

Logitech G102 ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
The Logitech G102

This combination makes a lot of higher priced mice obsolete for a non-competitive gamer. The only complaint would be that the thumb button has a pointy end that tends to dig into your thumb. This means it can be a bit uncomfortable if you use it often.

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime

Logitech G302 ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
The Logitech G302

The Logitech G302 is billed as a MOBA mouse, yet it comes with a shape more suited to a claw grip preferred by FPS players than MOBA players. However, Logitech has backed up the claim with a great sensor that does well in in games like Dota 2. A bit of a hit or a miss on the shape though

SteelSeries Rival 95

SteelSeries Rival 95 ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
SteelSeries Rival 95

Steelseries entry-level offering is billed as the replacement for the legendary Kinzu. Although it isn’t quite as nimble as the Kinzu, it does add a couple of extra buttons – which was the primary complaint about the Kinzu. If you plan on competitive gaming, this is a great all-rounder mouse that you can use.

Asus Cerberus

Asus Cerberus ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
Asus Cerberus

Asus isn’t really known for their gaming peripherals. Yet, they have a solid budget contender with the Cerberus. A soft touch plastic finish means it’s more comfortable to hold. But It’s small size with a contoured shape means it’s more suitable for a claw grip or a small hand.

Asus ROG Sica

Asus ROG Sica ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide v2
Asus ROG Sica

ROG being the premium gaming brand of Asus, you wouldn’t expect a ROG gaming mouse to cost the same as one from their budget Cerberus line. The Sica has arguably the best sensor in this price range but inexplicably counters this with not having thumb buttons or DPI switch, which is a deal breaker for most. If you don’t need thumb buttons though, this is a great mouse.

A4Tech Bloody TL8A

A4Tech Bloody TL8A Gaming Mouse Buying Guide ReadMe
A4Tech Bloody TL8A

A4Tech is known for stuff that just works, and works, and works. The Bloody TL8A is a remnant of the high DPI laser sensor era and seems to have quite a sturdy build with an acceptable level of comfort and accuracy along with 7 programmable buttons. It also looks like Optimus Primes face with the logo of the Dark Brotherhood on it – we aren’t sure if that’s a pro or a con.

Razer Abyssus 2000

Razer Abyssus 2000 ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
Razer Abyssus 2000

The Razer Abyssus 2000 is only available as a part of a mouse + mousepad bundle at the time of writing and is currently the cheapest Razer mouse available in the market. It has a very comfortable shape and great build quality only matched by the ROG Sica in this price range. However, just like the Sica, it suffers from not having side buttons.

Best gaming mice for under Rs 10,000/=

Between Rs 5,000 – 10,000/= is the sweet spot for picking up a gaming mouse that handles itself well in competitive gaming without breaking the bank. So what options can you consider in this range? Here are our picks.

SteelSeries Rival 110

SteelSeries Rival 110 ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
SteelSeries Rival 110

The SteelSeries Rival 110 replaces the Rival 100 as their mid-range option, with a few small changes that improve it slightly. The sensor is tuned slightly better, offering better accuracy and the option for finer tuning DPI levels. It also features RGB lighting and a rubberized soft-touch finish. Taking it all into account, this makes for a great all-around option for competitive play.

Logitech G402

Logitech G402 ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
Logitech G402

The G402 undoubtedly has the best pedigree of all the mice in our list. It’s the latest offering from Logitech in a lineup that includes legends such as the MX510, MX518, G400, and G400S. There’s something about the G402 that draws people to it. Even with its slightly odd shape, the G402 offers a good mix of features at an attractive price. If you really can’t decide what to get, get a G402, you can’t go wrong.

Corsair Katar

Corsair Katar ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
Corsair Katar

This is hands down the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever put my hand on. It’s so good, you begin to understand precisely what the term “extension of your own self” means. However, as a gaming mouse, not having thumb buttons is a bit of a deal breaker – especially at this price point. If you’re a casual gamer and use your mouse for work over a long period, this is definitely one you should shortlist.

Razer DeathAdder Expert

Ye (new) Gaming Mouse Buying Guide for 2018 4
Razer DeathAdder Expert

The DeathAdder ‘Expert’ is the cheaper of the two DeathAdders currently available in the market. What’s so ‘expert’ about it? Well, for starters, it’s a rebrand of the DeathAdder 2013 offered at a lower price than the current generation DeathAdder. As such, it features a slightly older sensor and no RGB lighting. It also lacks a DPI switch, which makes it a bit troublesome if you play more than one type of game.

Gigabyte XM300

Razer DeathAdder Expert ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
Gigabyte XM300

You know that you have a successful product when your competition is named as its clones. The best way to describe this mouse is as the DeathAdder clone from Gigabyte. Even with the slight differences, the resemblance is obvious. Unlike the DA Expert available in this price range, Gigabyte stuffed the XM300 with more up to date hardware including RGB lighting. This is a great mouse, but good luck finding one.

Asus ROG Gladius

Asus ROG Gladius ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide v2
Asus ROG Gladius ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide v2

Asus and Gigabyte are similar in many ways. One of them is that they both have a DeathAdder clone in their lineup. The ROG Gladius features the same familiar shape, with a pretty sturdy build and a better sensor. The package also includes replaceable switches and a removable cable. Considering the options available at the price, the Gladius feels a little out of its place with the build quality and feature set warranting the price, but slightly lacking in the performance department.

MSI Interceptor DS100

MSI Interceptor DS100 ReadMe Gaming Mouse Buying Guide
MSI Interceptor DS100

MSI is not a company known for their great gaming peripherals. Most of their offerings don’t really hit the spot. The Interceptor DS100 is arguably the strongest contender in the entire lineup. It offers a fairly comfortable mouse with good accuracy and a decent set of features. At its price though, it’s a tough sell considering the competition. Still worth a look if you’re a fan of the dragon.

Best gaming mice for Rs 10,000/= and above

This is pro territory. You should only be looking at a gaming mouse this expensive for a few reasons. One being you want to push for that little extra that will give you a competitive edge. Another being you are looking for a specialized mouse. If not those, then you’re simply looking for bragging rights for having the fanciest mouse.


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