GCDL Season 10 Kick-starts eSports for the New Year


Gamer.LK Clans DOTA 2 League (commonly known as ‘GCDL’), the biggest online DOTA 2 league of Sri Lanka organized by Gamer.LK returned for a marvelous 10th season early in the year to kick-start the eSports calendar. With a record number of 53 participating teams, GCDL opened the virtual battlefield on January 30th. While spectators were given a lot of nail-biting matches, Gamer.LK also had a daily Predict ‘N Win challenge for fans to make predictions and win in-game bundles.


Though the number of participants was big, some major names and changes brought up a bigger concern to all enthusiasts. The reigning champions, PnX|The Kade were seeded on the top side of the draw as expected. However, The Kade’s eternal rival, x3 | Death Sentence was nowhere seen in the draw. To add to that, PnX|Carolina Panthers who gave an unbelievable performance at Sri Lanka Cyber Games ’15 to come as runner-up was also absent.

Meanwhile, x3|Vicious & Delicious was seeded from the bottom of the draw as the 2nd best contestant. The seeding were not in vain, Vicious & Delicious lived true to the reputation they received and they moved forward fearlessly in the winner-bracket and so did The Kade.


The first match of Vicious & Delicious grew an unexpectedly large attention. It was against a newly formed team named Wolf Pack lead by Death Sentence’s support player, AB. Things became intense as Wolf Pack was kicked to the Loser Bracket by the hands of Vicious & Delicious.

Along with Wolf Pack, some more new names such as Mana Iwarai and Sri Lankan Rejects gave out a solid performance even by defeating well performing teams such as PnX|SyFy and Ganja Boys during the latter parts of the draw.


Through the matches, some very interesting plays and picks were seen from the participants. A very prominent incident was the ultra-frequent Earth Spirit pick which came out from The Kade. A majority of games had a lot of meta picks including Spectre, Invoker, and Death Prophet. This season however, we saw quite a range of picks including old time favorites such as Morphling, Chaos Knight, and rampaging Zeus.

A lot of aggressive tri-laning was seen from teams this season. There were many instances where teams including The Kade swapped roles between players depending on the picks.

By maintaining a very solid winning streak, both The Kade and Vicious & Delicious made it to the Winner-Bracket final. As the crowd began to spectate the game thinking it’ll be one-sided to the reigning champs, Vicious & Delicious with a series of remarkable plays started to go head-to-head with The Kade. However, the Best of 3 Winner Bracket final ended in a 2-0 score in favor of The Kade.

Vicious & Delicious made a comeback through the Loser Bracket by eliminating Mana Iwarai in the Lower Bracket final. Once again, the top two seeded teams met each other for a grand Best of 5 matches final!

The Kade started off with a winner bracket advantage of 1 game, meaning they only have to win 2 more to win the series.

Both of The Kade’s signature pick, Earth Spirit and meta pick, Spectre were taken by them during the first game. However, Vicious & Delicious had a very strong draft including Legions Commander, Necrophos, and a mid Lina. In this game as well, The Kade’s mid, Paradoxx swapped roles with their carry, Satan to bring out a devilish performance. In a 54mins long and decisive game, The Kade managed to grab the first victory off Vicious & Delicious, becoming 1 victory away from winning the series.

The second game started with Vicious & Delicious having both Spectre and Outworld Devourer to their side. The Kade however has Doom, Slark, and Templar Assassin who are known to be the signature picks of Hawkie, Satan, and Paradoxx respectively. Vicious and Delicious went to an aggressive start and started topping the score over The kade. Many near teamwipes were seen across both teams towards mid game. With patience and efficient counter-attacks after devastating fights, The Kade was able to break Vicious & Delicious’ ancient to become the champions of GCDL Season 10!


  • Winner – PnX|The Kade
  • Runner-up – x3 | Vicious & Delicious
  • 2nd Runner-up – Mana Iwarai

With that, the first online eSports tournament of 2016 concluded making The Kade the reigning champions once more. GCDL Season 10 brought many new faces, new rosters, and new plays to the local scene while it undoubtedly brought us a lot of thrilling entertainment.

The year has just begun, stay tuned to see and hear about more Lankan eSports news!



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