GCDL Season 9 Kicks Off


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The biggest Sri Lankan DOTA 2 online league, Gamer.LK Clans DOTA 2 League (fondly referred to as GCDL) organized by the Sri Lankan Gaming Community, Gamer.LK kicked off its 9th season yesterday night. This time with a draw of 37 participating teams, a lot of new names and major shuffles have been seen.

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Speaking of new teams, GCDL has always been the best start for a team to start off. Why? First of all, it’s free to take part. Secondly, everyone gets a second chance thanks to the double-elimination format of the tournament. It’s easy, free, and you even get ranked according to Gamer.LK’s Ranking system.

This is also the first official DOTA 2 league held in Sri Lanka based on the DOTA 2 Reborn client featuring a better engine, gameplay and a revamped user interface.

Apart from the good experience GCDL brings to the newcomers, it’s mainly identified as the main online battleground of the pros. Teams representing all top clans in Sri Lanka compete alongside standalone beasts who sometimes even make big names sound like dust. But the biggest change we can see in this season is the major absence of the two most dominant teams in Sri Lanka namely, Death Sentence who reportedly left Tech Morph and joined Xiphos eSports very recently, and The Kade from Phoenix GaminG. However, a team named “PantheraLeo” is said to be an all-star national team consisting of players from the earlier mentioned two absent teams. They being in the top-seeded lower-end slow of the draw also points that it’s possibly the dream team Sri Lankan were waiting to see from a long time.

The first match of Sappy vs Phantom Dispatch kicked off yesterday at 7PM and if that’s anything to go by, you’re definitely in for a treat. If you are a DOTA 2 fan, then all you need to do is tune into the action in-game under the GCDL ticket in the Dota 2 Client to experience the best of Lankan Doto from today onwards and prepare to witness nail-biting comebacks.


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