GDG Meetup: getting ready for July!


Getting ready for the next GDG meetup, I just wanted to wet some thoughts on the last one organized by the big man behind it Keshan Sodimana in partnership with ReadMe and APIIT Sri Lanka. This meetup was particularly interesting because we had Nayana Samaranayake, Senior Software Engineer at Google and Bhagya Silva, the brains behind GeoLanka in the lineup.

Bhagya started with how was built and about the Google Places API Developer Challenge which got him into Google I/O. He also announced that API will be available soon and If you want to build a mobile app for GeoLanka you are now free to do so.

He shared about meeting various people and sessions he attended during the conference. The attendees also commended the Google I/O extended organizing team in Sri Lanka and Mobitel for bring the I/O action to life.


The demo of Chromebook Pixel got everyone excited. At first glance it looks like a normal laptop but it isn’t until you touch the screen will you be blown away. The clarity of the screen is beyond HD, more like HHD. Using it with the new Google 3D maps is stunning and he also demoed some of the upcoming Google Maps and Earth features after the event.

Nayana on the other hand explained about how Google indexes over 1 trillion sites on the web, and what kinds of signals Google looks at and how pages are been ranked and other algorithms are used to give the best results to the user. During the Q&A session he was asked many questions on the Google ecosystem including Google maps, Gmail etc. Bulk of the questions he was thrown at were mostly unrelated to his presentation topic and was directed at him simply because he was from Google and he was supposed to know everything!

Find out more about GDG July Meetup. I’m Pasindu De Silva. Over & out!



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