GDG Sri Lanka wants to help you make sense of machine learning


Artificial Intelligence will soon change the world. Even if you’re not a techie, you’ve likely heard such words being thrown around. Already you can see of AI in action almost everywhere. All of this is possible because we can now make sense of large amounts of data. One such way this happens is through machine learning and the Google Developer Group ( GDG Sri Lanka ) wants to demystify this.

In case you’re lost, machine learning is the art of training computers to carry out tasks without giving them instructions. To be precise, computers are fed vast amounts of data. They would then use this data along with algorithms to make decisions on their own. In other words, a computer is taught to carry out a task. And there’s a lot of tasks machine learning can do.

Netflix uses it to give you recommendations on what to watch. Facebook has been using it for everything from chatbots to flagging terrorists. IBM used it to create an AI that gave humans a tough challenge at a debate. And Google has gone as far as building an AI to predict when a patient will die. The list is practically endless and growing by the day.

Where a beginner can learn machine learning

On the 23rd and 24th of February, GDG Sri Lanka alongside SLASSCOM will be hosting a Machine Learning Bootcamp. This will be an intensive training program that aims to introduce machine learning to beginners. As such, it’ll introduce you to deep learning techniques and basic concepts of machine learning.

GDG Sri Lanka | Machine Learning
GDG Sri Lanka alongside SLASSCOM is organizing a bootcamp to demystify machine learning (Image credits: GDG Sri Lanka)

Some examples of these concepts being how to prepare your data and how to debug your machine learning models. Additionally, you’ll also find case studies of machine learning in action. At the end of it, the goal is for you to be able to create their own machine learning models. However, this isn’t for absolute beginners that haven’t dabbled in programming.

The organizers clearly stated that this bootcamp is aimed developers familiar in Python and are curious about machine learning. They also stated that if you’re an expert in machine learning, then you’ll find things you’ve already learned at this boot camp. So if you’re a developer curious about machine learning, you can sign up for this boot camp here.


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