Cosplayers Hunt for the Infinity Stones at Geek Avurudu 2018


Firecrackers and kiribath came a week later for Sri Lankan geeks. Alongside the Inter-University eSports Championship was the Geek Avurudu celebrations, where were organized by Gamer.LK and Pruve comics. Thus, local cosplayers added a Sri Lankan twist to their usual characters and made their way to Trace Expert City with many other geeks. They were here to obtain the infinity gauntlet.

Running around Trace Expert City for Infinity Stones

In case you’re lost, the Infinity Gauntlet is a powerful object in the Marvel universe. It’s a glove that holds six infinity stones. He who possesses the Infinity Gauntlet with all six infinity stones is said to be the most powerful force in the Universe. If you wish to know more about it click here.

With the Infinity Gauntlet being the subject of the upcoming highlight anticipated Avengers movie, many of the games at Geek Avurudu 2018 were around this theme.

The Infinity Gauntlet at Geek Avurudu 2018
The much sought after Infinity Gauntlet (Image credits: The Geek Initiative)

There were six events at Geek Avurudu. The winner of each event was gifted with an infinity stone. The person that had the most stones would be the winner and get to wield the impressive Infinity Gauntlet made by Sahan Perera – a Sri Lankan master crafter. With their sights set on this overwhelming prize, the games began.

Many of these Avurudu games were held outdoors at Trace Expert City. And the first of these was the Time Stone challenge. This challenge involved contestants blowing balloons in bursts and race to the finish line. Afterward, it was time for a treasure hunt to find the Space Stone. For this challenge, the geeks split up into different teams and ran around Trace Expert City searching for clues.

An intense game of Kamba Adilla at Geek Avurudu 2018
An intense game of Kamba Adilla

The third challenge was to obtain the Power Stone. This was to be obtained through an intense game of Kamba Adilla. It began with the participants in teams and went on until only one contestant was standing. Then the fourth challenge was to obtain the Mind Stone. This next stone would be given to a lucky blindfolded geek that would smash the pot that contained a collection of toffees in a game of Kana Mutti.

The Hunt for the Infinity Stones moves indoors

Thereafter, the competition moved from outdoors to indoors. Inside, the contestants drove their ways through a racing simulation. Taking place inside Project Cars with a steering simulation, some commented that it was like driving a real car. Ultimately, the fastest racer was given the Reality Stone.

The cosplayers at Geek Avurudu 2018
The cosplayers we saw at Geek Avurudu 2018

Finally, it was time for the cosplay competition, where the two winners would receive the Soul Stone. As we’ve seen in larger conventions, the cosplayers took to the ramp. As they did, we saw the local cosplay community fully embrace their characters and showcase superb costumes. These costumes represented a vast variety of themes going from straight identical costumes, Sri Lankan infused mash-ups – to pure original costumes.

Finally, the award for the best female cosplayer went to Opula Fonseka for her Mayuru Rakshaya – an original cosplay based on Sri Lankan mythology. And the award for the best male cosplayer went to Sahan Perera for his cosplay of Reaper from Overwatch.

Opula Fonseka cosplay at Geek Avurudu 2018
Opula Fonseka’s Mayuru Rakshaya – based on Sri Lankan mythology (Image credits: Anushka Sanjaya Perera)

Some honorable mentions were Ashini Jayasinghe for her Sri Lankan Harley Quinn, Minoli Weerasinghe for her take on Super Sonic from One Punch Man, and the two Deadpools cosplayed by Chathura Bandara and Sithira Siriwardana.

The titan chosen to wield the Infinity Gauntlet

The end of the cosplay competition brought us to the grand finale of Geek Avurudu 2018. It was time to announce the overall winner. This was possibly the most hotly anticipated moment as everyone wanted to know who would walk away with the prized Infinity Gauntlet.

Ultimately, that prize would belong to Nigel White. In his original cosplay dubbed Kratos Nigey Quinn, he wielded the Infinity Gauntlet in front of the entire crowd. The hall was filled with rounds of echoing cheers and whistles.

As the titan celebrated his victory, Geek Avurudu 2018 came to an end. As it ended, the local geek community was even more excited to see the upcoming Avengers movie. One that’s been in the making for 10 long years.


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