Gen-X 2014: Another Season of Dissapointment


Gen-X, organized by SLIIT Colombo was held on the 21st & 22nd of November. It was the second year of Gen-X, and it was preceded by hype train that managed to bring some of the best names in Sri Lankan eSports to battle. The titles included COD4, DOTA 2, NFS Most Wanted, TrackMania, FIFA 11, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, along with Sri Lanka’s first Counter Strike GO tournament.

We’d have like to say it was good, but it wasn’t: for the second consecutive year, SLIIT Colombo disappointed their events’ participants by announcing delightful prizes, and not giving them. Although giving Rs. 1000 – five times less than the amount they announced (while charging Rs. 300-500 per game) was better than last year (where they gave none), the sheer fuss made by organizers towards referees and people who actually knew what they were doing made it a rather unpleasant experience, so let’s skip straight to the title winners.

Mortal Kombat 9

All the familiar faces from Phoenix Gaming and n00b Alliance were present in force. In a 8-slot-double-elimination draw, kucf, DeMon, GrimmJow, and Excalibur remained as the last to stand (as usual). There was a bit of vocal clan rivalries during the final, with cheers and trash-talk, and n00b Alliance emerged victorious.

Winner – nA | kucf
Runner-up – PnX|DeMon

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The 9 year-old undefeated champion of 2014: PnX|Turbo finally met his match, and his rival from the same clan took him down in the last round of a tight BO9 final!

Winner – PnX|Striker
Runner-up – PnX|Turbo

TrackMania Nations Forever

TrackMania stood out as the only title of GenX to have both male and female gamers (yes, gamer girls). Nevertheless, none of them were able to get the top spots – certainly not this time.

Winner – PnX|Binura (that’s the author of this article, folks)
Runner-up – PnX|GrimmJow

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Once it was a title with over 200 registrations; today it’s a game without even 10 participants. The aging Most Wanted is seeing  a rapid decay among its playerbase – there is doubt on whether it will survive 2015. Members of Phoenix GaminG and another from Tech Morph kept the game alive, just to have the whole title end under 30mins. However, that half an hour marked the defeat of a defender and the victory of a new champion.

Winner – PnX|Rider
Runner-up – TM | Shaza


Unfortunately, FIFA 14 was switched back to 11 due to hardware incompatibilities, giving the oldies another chance to compete for a title. As usual for this title, the playerbase was made up almost entirely of Phoneix players duking it out among themselves.

Winner – PnX|CB
Runner-up – PnX|Heat


Sri Lanka is having a golden era of DOTA – the increasing number of teams proves it. Due to a clash with Game Edge’s Champion’s League, The Kade and Death Sentence had to leave this one out. However, a member of Death Sentence took part in Ensidia: the stand-alone team who made it to the final to face-off PnX’s Syfy.

Winner – PnX|Syfy
Runner-up – Ensidia

Due to SLIIT’s staff wanting to close their own institute, along with their own event at 8pm, the other team games were forced to be held somewhere else. Only DOTA 2 concluded that night at a café elsewhere, leaving space on our coverage for an update within the coming week. Though we saw some of the finest moments of eSports, Gen-X was not a tournament worth the name.



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